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This test case verifies that execshield is correctly implemented for Fedora Xen DomU.

How to test

  1. Download this File:Xen-domu-execshield-invalid.c file into the domU.
  2. Compile the test case with
    $> gcc Xen-domu-execshield-invalid.c -o Xen-domu-execshield-invalid
  3. Inside the guest, run
    $> ./Xen-domu-execshield-invalid
  4. Next download this File:Xen-domu-execshield-strace.c file into the domU.
  5. Compile the test case with
    $> gcc Xen-domu-execshield-strace.c -o Xen-domu-execshield-strace
  6. Inside the guest, run
    $> ./Xen-domu-execshield-strace
    This should print -1 as the output.
  7. Inside the guest, run
    $> strace ./Xen-domu-execshield-strace
    This should also print -1 as the output.

Expected Results

  1. The application should immediately SEGV when the Xen-domu-execshield-invalid program is run.
  2. The application should always print a -1 when the Xen-domu-execshield-strace program is run.