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This test case verifies that Xen DomU networking works correctly, including the ability to attach/detach network devices.

How to test

  1. From the dom0, attach a new virbr0 type interface to the rawhide domU
    $> virsh attach-interface rawhide bridge virbr0
  2. Inside the guest run
    $> ifconfig
    You should be able to see it. It will probably be eth1, assuming you already had eth0 setup from installation.
  3. Trying pinging the gateway from it
    $> ifconfig eth1 netmask
    $> ping -I eth1 -c 2
  4. From the dom0, disconnect the interface from the rawhide guest
    $> virsh detach-interface rawhide bridge [--mac <mac>]
    If you don't specify the mac address you may remove eth0 instead.
  5. Try adding at least 16 with something like this
    $> for i in `seq 1 15` ; do virsh attach-interface rawhide bridge virbr0 ; done
  6. Now you can repeat the steps but with type xenbr0
    $> virsh attach-interface rawhide bridge xenbr0
    . Note, this will require you configure the interface differently, possibly with dhcp. That's most easily done with the ifup/down scripts in /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts.

Expected Results

  1. The network devices should be presented to the domU on attach-interface, and removed from the guest on detach-interface.
  2. The rawhide guest should be able to use the network interfaces.