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This test case checks whether Xfce Settings Manager's File Manager applet works correctly.

How to test

  1. Install Fedora (this test can apply to multiple versions of Fedora and Xfce; if you are doing this test independently, pick one you are interested in, otherwise install the ones being used in the event you are taking part in)
  2. Install Xfce: yum install @XFCE
  3. Log in to Xfce
  4. Run the Settings Manager: Fedora menu -> Settings -> Xfce 4 Settings Manager
  5. Run the File Manager applet: click File Manager
  6. On the Display tab, try changing the 'View new folders using' option, and the 'text beside icon' option, and run the file manager (Thunar) and open some new folders
  7. On the Side Pane tab, try changing the Icon Size options
  8. On the Behavior tab, try enabling single click activation

Expected Results

  1. Changing the 'View new folders using' option should work as expected: when opening new folders in the file manager (Thunar), the selected view should always be used
  2. Changing the Icon Size options in the Side Pane tab should change the sizes of the icons in the side panes (the folder lists in two panes on the left hand side) of Thunar windows
  3. Enabling single click activation should allow you to open folders and files in Thunar with a single rather than double click