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This test case retrieves basic information about a domain.


  1. Make sure to complete the prerequisites before starting this test.
  2. The domain needs to have proper DNS configuration and the local machine must able to perform DNS resolutions of the domain. See prerequisites.
  3. No domain credentials are needed for this test.

How to test

  1. Run adcli to get domain info
    $ adcli info

Expected Results

The output should contain the following information. Substitute as expected for your domain.

  • The full DNS domain-name (like:
  • The short NetBIOS domain-short (like: DOMAIN)
  • The closest domain-controller (like:
    • In particular if the domain has multiple sites, then this domain controller should be the one for the site that local machine is a part of.
  • Expected domain-controller-flags
  • Should say domain-controller-usable = yes
  • Should list all the nearby/global domain-controllers
  • Should list the local computer-site for the computer.


  • Use the --verbose argument to provide output when troubleshooting or reporting bugs.