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This test case asserts whether the provided console-based mechanisms for shutdown and reboot operate as intended and without error. While the test focuses on running commands from a virtual console, this test can be performed from any terminal application.


  1. Prepare a system for test. You can use a live image or an already installed system.
  2. Ensure the package under test is installed on the system.

How to test

  1. On a running system, change to a virtual console by pressing Ctrl+Alt+F2
  2. At the virtual console, login as the root user
  3. Reboot the system by running the command
  4. After the system boots, once again change to a virtual console by pressing Ctrl+Alt+F2. Note, manually booting the system may be required if the previous step fails.
  5. At the virtual console, login as a non-root user. If no non-root user accounts are available, you can create a new user account using the command useradd
  6. Power off the system by running the shutdown command. Consult the man page for different acceptable [TIME] values. For example, to power off the system immediately, type the following command.
    shutdown now
  7. Lastly, power on the system

Expected Results

  1. A login prompt is offered at the virtual console
  2. The reboot is accepted and initiates a system reboot. The system reboots with no additional user interaction.
  3. The shutdown is accepted and powers off the system without error.
  4. When the system boots, either from a reboot or shutdown operation, the system successfully boots without error, and all expected disk partitions are cleanly mounted.