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Test the installation of gnome-shell extensions.

How to test

  1. Install the Extensions app: search for it and install it from Software, install it with DNF using sudo dnf install gnome-extensions-app, or download the flatpakref from from Flathub.
  2. Run the Extensions app by launching it from the Activities Overview, or by running gnome-extensions-app.
  3. List installed extensions using the command line, with gnome-extensions list.
  4. Search for extensions using DNF, such as with sudo dnf search gnome-shell-extension. Install a new extension using DNF.
  5. Restart the desktop session by logging out and in again.
  6. The Extensions app and gnome-extensions list should show the new extension.
  7. Enable the extension using the Extensions app: turn on extensions at the top, then turn on the extension from the list below.
  8. Try enabling the extension using gnome-extensions enable <extension-name>

Expected Results

  1. It should be possible to install and run the Extensions app.
  2. The Extensions app and the gnome-extensions command should list preinstalled extensions, extensions which have been installed from packages, and extensions which have been installed from .
  3. Extensions should be successfully enabled with both the Extensions app and the gnome-extensions command.