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As of Fedora 33, installations do not include a disk-based swap partition by default (instead, Changes/SwapOnZRAM is used), so this test case is obsolete. For a corresponding "with swap" test case, see QA:Testcase_partitioning_blivet_with_swap.


An installation using advanced custom partitioning (blivet-gui) and without specifying a swap partition. When a system has sufficient memory, the installer should warn, but not restrict this request.


  1. Prepare a test system with a working, supported storage device of sufficient size for a Fedora install, and a Fedora installation medium.

How to test

  1. Boot the installer using any available means.
  2. Proceed to the installer's main screen, making sensible choices, and enter the Installation Destination screen.
  3. Ensure only the single target device you prepared is selected as the installation target disk.
  4. Ensure the Advanced Custom (Blivet-GUI) option is selected under Storage Configuration, and complete this screen.
  5. On the BLIVET GUI PARTITIONING screen, delete all existing partitions (if any).
  6. Create any necessary bootloader partitions (e.g. EFI System Partition for UEFI installs, BIOS Boot partition for BIOS installs onto a GPT disk, PReP boot partition for PowerPC installs).
  7. Create a /boot partition and set the filesystem type to ext4 or xfs.
  8. Create a root partition and set the filesystem type to ext4 or xfs.
  9. Complete the installation process, making sensible selections for all other installer options.
  10. Boot the installed system.

Expected Results

  1. The expected partition layout should be created on the target device(s).
  2. The install process should complete successfully and the installed system should boot as expected.
  3. Anaconda should warn that system performance may suffer without a swap partition (via a warning bar at bottom of screen when completing partitioning).
  4. Anaconda should allow the installation to complete successfully for systems with sufficient system memory. For systems with insufficient memory, anaconda must require the presence of a swap partition.
  5. No swap partition should be in use (you can check /proc/swaps).