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This package should get rebuilt shortly before alpha, beta and the release, when there have been changes in spin kickstart files since the last build. An update should be done shortly after a release, if there was a change to the release branch of spin-kickstarts since the last build. When spin-kickstarts (git repo) is branched for a release, a new devel package should be built corresponding to the next Fedora release.


  • Get a checkout of the appropriate spin-kickstarts branch
  • If not using the master branch switch to the appropriate branch
    • git checkout BRANCH_NAME
  • Make a new spin-kickstarts tar ball
    • git tag 0.X.Y (where X is the Fedora version and Y is a sequence number)
    • git push --tags
    • make
  • Publish the tar ball
    • make publish
  • To make a new package of spin-kickstarts for a Fedora branch:
    • Go to the local branch directory for the spin-kickstarts package (perhaps after running fedpkg clone spin-kickstarts in an appropriate directory).
    • Make sure the branch is up to date
      • git pull
    • Update the tar archive using the one built above
      • fedpkg new-sources /pathto/spin-kickstarts-*.tar.gz
    • Edit the spec file for the version tagged and to add a changelog entry
    • Commit the changes
      • git commit -a
      • git push
    • Build the update
      • fedpkg build
    • If this isn't the devel branch go to bodhi and push the release out to testing initially and updates later if there are no problems.