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Fedora Release Engineering Meeting :: Monday 2009-03-09

General Summary

Various subjects relative to the upcoming beta were discussed, including:

  • A new key has been created. The signing process will start today so that it actually finishes in time for the beta.
  • The tree will be frozen tonight so that tomorrow's rawhide will be the frozen content.
  • The tagging process for the beta will be the same as prior betas/releases - please open a ticket at if you need your package moved into the beta.
  • Rawhide will be unfrozen no earlier than when the beta is staged for release
  • Orphans will be purged shortly before beta. A quick dependency analysis shows that dependencies of 'linphone' will be blocked unless they're picked up.
  • Meeting notes will be handled on a rotating basis by rel-eng members from now on. Thanks John for doing this task prior to this!

IRC Transcript

---f13 has changed the topic to: Fedora Release Engineering Meeting - Roll Call Mar 09 14:01
*notting is here Mar 09 14:01
-->mitr ( has joined #fedora-meeting Mar 09 14:01
f13 ping: notting jeremy jwb rdieter lmacken spot wwoods poelcat Mar 09 14:01
rdieter here Mar 09 14:02
*jwb is sort of here Mar 09 14:02
*poelcat here (not taking notes :) Mar 09 14:02
f13 yeah, we gotta get a new note taker. Mar 09 14:03
jwb NOT IT Mar 09 14:03
<--pingou_ has quit (Remote closed the connection) Mar 09 14:03
notting what the heck. i'll do it today Mar 09 14:03
-->pingou (n=Pingou@fedora/pingou) has joined #fedora-meeting Mar 09 14:03
f13 ok. I recently switched irc clients and I'm not quite sure how the logging is going to work out Mar 09 14:05
f13 thanks notting Mar 09 14:05
---f13 has changed the topic to: Fedora releng - BETA!!! Mar 09 14:05
f13 AAAAAH! The BETA is upon us!! Mar 09 14:05
<--KC0WYC has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)) Mar 09 14:05
f13 lets review the tickets. Mar 09 14:05
f13 .rel 1148 Mar 09 14:05
zodbot f13: #1148 (Sign dist-f11 contents for beta) - Fedora Release Engineering - Trac - Mar 09 14:06
-->jnettlet ( has joined #fedora-meeting Mar 09 14:06
notting do we have a new humongous key? Mar 09 14:07
>poelcat<where do you normally send rel-eng meeting notes? Mar 09 14:07
f13 this one is on mewe do Mar 09 14:07
f13 er sorry got distracted Mar 09 14:07
f13 This one is on me. Mar 09 14:08
f13 I have a new huge key, and I was playing with it and sign_unsigned prior to the koji outage. Mar 09 14:08
f13 I haven't yet signed anything and imported it inot koji. I will be doing that today Mar 09 14:08
-->jjmcd ( has joined #Fedora-meeting Mar 09 14:08
f13 as well as getting the huge key into fedora-release Mar 09 14:08
jwb are you going to distribute it to the people that can sign things? Mar 09 14:08
f13 yeah Mar 09 14:09
-->gregdek ( has joined #fedora-meeting Mar 09 14:09
f13 anything else on signing? I may have to resurrect sign2 in order to get everything signed in time Mar 09 14:10
jwb if you need help, holler Mar 09 14:11
f13 k Mar 09 14:11
f13 .rel 1150 Mar 09 14:11
zodbot f13: #1150 (Create freeze for Fedora 11 Beta) - Fedora Release Engineering - Trac - Mar 09 14:11
<--abadger1999 has quit ("Leaving.") Mar 09 14:11
f13 This will happen tonight. Mar 09 14:11
f13 I'm going to create the f11-beta tag, cloned from dist-f11 Mar 09 14:11
f13 then I'll either run it manually or setup an at job to refresh f11-beta from dist-f11 just before the rawhide compose. Mar 09 14:12
f13 dist-rawhide will change its inheritance to f11-beta today as well Mar 09 14:12
f13 so tomorrow's rawhide will be the frozen content Mar 09 14:12
<--mdomsch has quit ("Leaving") Mar 09 14:12
<--j6k has quit () Mar 09 14:13
f13 any thoughts on this? Mar 09 14:13
notting do we have the proper stuff set up in trac for requests? Mar 09 14:14
wwoods when do we plan to do branching / start making F12 rawhide? I know we'd talked about doing it earlier on, but Mar 09 14:14
f13 notting: what do you mean by "the proper stuff" ? Mar 09 14:14
f13 wwoods: that's ticket 1162 Mar 09 14:15
notting f13: milestones, etc Mar 09 14:15
f13 notting: I'm not sure what we are supposed to do differently than what we have right now? Mar 09 14:15
notting f13: nothing different, just verifying the milestones actually got created. which they are (and probably were a long time ago) Mar 09 14:15
f13 yeah, we've got all the milestones up through F11 final Mar 09 14:16
f13 I used offtrac to file them all programatically Mar 09 14:16
<--gregdek has quit ("Ex-Chat") Mar 09 14:17
rdieter and SOP for breaking freeze as before? 2 +1's, and tag dist-f11 ? Mar 09 14:17
notting tag f11-beta, no? Mar 09 14:18
f13 tag f11-beta Mar 09 14:18
rdieter oh right Mar 09 14:18
f13 the package would already be tagged dist-f11 Mar 09 14:18
f13 any other freeze questions? Mar 09 14:19
notting other than 'ugh, too much stuff to do', no Mar 09 14:19
f13 heh Mar 09 14:20
f13 .rel 1151 1152 1153 Mar 09 14:20
zodbot f13: (rel <number>) -- Return the name and URL of a rel-eng ticket. Mar 09 14:20
f13 oh bah Mar 09 14:20
f13 so tickets 1151-1153 are the compose tickets, compose the install tree, the live images, and the "spins" Mar 09 14:20
-->dkovalsk ( has joined #fedora-meeting Mar 09 14:21
-->mdomsch ( has joined #fedora-meeting Mar 09 14:22
f13 not a whole lot to talk about here, just work to do. Mar 09 14:22
f13 supposedly the ext4 live image bug got fixed, so once we update compose-x86 we'll be OK there Mar 09 14:22
f13 although I think there are still some livecd-creator bugs outstanding. I thought jeremy was working on it, but... Mar 09 14:23
-->lcafiero ( has joined #fedora-meeting Mar 09 14:23
-->kital (n=Joerg_Si@fedora/kital) has joined #fedora-meeting Mar 09 14:23
f13 so that is a danger. Mar 09 14:24
f13 The install tree should be pretty good, I was testing the compose tools last week and they were producing the right stuff. I jsut did a build of pungi that fixes some splittree issues too Mar 09 14:25
f13 our CDs will be much better utilized for size, which means you can do a text install from CD1 on both x86 and x86_64, I haven't tested ppc Mar 09 14:25
jwb neat Mar 09 14:25
notting f13: are we still under a dvd on all arches? Mar 09 14:26
jwb ppc would be the good indicator there Mar 09 14:26
jwb i think we've had to trim off packages for it for a while now Mar 09 14:26
f13 yeah Mar 09 14:27
f13 jwb: can you see that compose-ppc gets updated today? Mar 09 14:28
jwb f13, what is compose-ppc? Mar 09 14:28
jwb and then, sure Mar 09 14:28
-->thomasj_ ( has joined #fedora-meeting Mar 09 14:29
f13 compose-ppc is the host in PHX where we compose the ppc tree Mar 09 14:29
f13 the analog of compose-x86 Mar 09 14:29
jwb updated via yum? Mar 09 14:29
f13 yeah, it may already be updated, not sure, but probably could use another update, and a reboot, which may need babysitting Mar 09 14:29
jwb on it Mar 09 14:29
jwb actually Mar 09 14:29
-->tkjacobsen ( has joined #fedora-meeting Mar 09 14:29
jwb it hates me Mar 09 14:29
jwb won't let me login Mar 09 14:29
f13 heh, so maybe it needs more help :/ Mar 09 14:30
f13 thanks for taking that. Mar 09 14:30
jwb np Mar 09 14:30
f13 tickets 1155 and 1156 are staging the bits Mar 09 14:30
f13 I'm going to try staging them all on /mnt/koji/ (which is avail via kojipkgs) complete with package list so that we can see the tree as a whole and run verifytree and such on it Mar 09 14:31
<--mitr ( has left #fedora-meeting ("Leaving") Mar 09 14:31
f13 I'll also use alt.fedora to toss up isos for consumption by QA and such Mar 09 14:31
dgilmore f13: do we have torrent seeders ready? Mar 09 14:32
f13 dgilmore: no, I think the tickets say to ping in #fedora-admin to find pre-seeders Mar 09 14:32
dgilmore ok Mar 09 14:32
f13 any other questions on staging? Mar 09 14:32
*nirik can pre-seed given enough notice. Mar 09 14:32
f13 alright. Mar 09 14:35
f13 .1159 Mar 09 14:35
f13 .rel 1159 Mar 09 14:35
jwb people should be cross testing damnit Mar 09 14:35
zodbot f13: #1159 (Unfreeze Rawhide) - Fedora Release Engineering - Trac - Mar 09 14:35
jwb oops, wrong keyboard. sorry Mar 09 14:35
notting jwb: i know testing makes me cross Mar 09 14:35
jwb heh Mar 09 14:35
f13 unfreezing rawhide will likely happen when we stage the bits for release Mar 09 14:35
f13 hopefully we won't be under time pressure to get the beta synced and we'll have a number of days and thus unfreezing rawhide won't pose a threat to getting beta synced in time Mar 09 14:36
f13 but if we're under time pressure, rawhide unfreeze may have to wait until after Beta GA Mar 09 14:36
f13 .rel 1161 Mar 09 14:37
zodbot f13: #1161 (Release Fedora 11 Beta) - Fedora Release Engineering - Trac - Mar 09 14:37
f13 Release day requires coordination with various folks from various groups, like the websites group Mar 09 14:37
f13 poelcat: will you be scheduling a meeting for beta release coordination? Mar 09 14:37
quaid it's on the schedule(s) fwiw; 18 March iirc. Mar 09 14:40
f13 ok. Mar 09 14:40
*quaid sees it on but not on the master schedule page there Mar 09 14:41
<--Standbye has quit (Remote closed the connection) Mar 09 14:42
f13 wning. Mar 09 14:43
f13 sorry. Mar 09 14:43
f13 lets assume that its happening. Mar 09 14:43
poelcat f13 yes Mar 09 14:43
-->mcepl ( has joined #fedora-meeting Mar 09 14:44
poelcat will send out announce, etc. today or tomorrow Mar 09 14:44
f13 ok, thanks. Mar 09 14:44
f13 pardon me for a moment. Evolution just put me into a I/O storm Mar 09 14:45
---stickster_afk is now known as stickster Mar 09 14:46
<--thomasj has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)) Mar 09 14:46
---thomasj_ is now known as thomasj Mar 09 14:47
f13 .rel 1162 Mar 09 14:48
zodbot f13: #1162 (Allow early branching of packages for F-11) - Fedora Release Engineering - Trac - Mar 09 14:48
f13 This is the ticket that covers early-branching. Mar 09 14:48
f13 We've gotten the rawhide composes down fast enough that we could consider doing a second compose Mar 09 14:48
f13 we don't have to mirror that second compose necessarily, just plop it somewhere in /mnt/koji Mar 09 14:49
f13 would be more useful if we had automated tests to go with that Mar 09 14:49
-->tkjacobsen_ ( has joined #fedora-meeting Mar 09 14:49
f13 .rel 1190 Mar 09 14:51
zodbot f13: #1190 (Give mirrors heads up on Fedora 11 Beta content) - Fedora Release Engineering - Trac - Mar 09 14:51
f13 this should actually be done just as we're staging the bits Mar 09 14:51
f13 .rel 1154 Mar 09 14:51
zodbot f13: #1154 (Give Legal heads up on Beta release) - Fedora Release Engineering - Trac - Mar 09 14:51
f13 same with this one Mar 09 14:51
f13 .rel 1236 Mar 09 14:51
zodbot f13: #1236 (block orphaned rawhide packages) - Fedora Release Engineering - Trac - Mar 09 14:51
f13 This will actually be done today Mar 09 14:51
f13 I've got to gen the list again and block 'em Mar 09 14:52
notting f13: does that cause dependency fallout? Mar 09 14:52
f13 notting: we'll see (: Mar 09 14:52
f13 I'll run some tests today, the number of packages is smaller Mar 09 14:52
dgilmore f13: we allow early branching once we release Beta correct? Mar 09 14:52
notting f13: hrm, pulls in something called 'linphone' Mar 09 14:54
-->tkjacobsen__ ( has joined #fedora-meeting Mar 09 14:54
dgilmore notting: linphone is a sip client Mar 09 14:55
notting wow, multitasking. someone pressed the updates button during the meeting :) Mar 09 14:55
dgilmore not as featureful as ekiga/twinkle Mar 09 14:55
-->abadger1999 (n=abadger1@nat/redhat/x-65fbca8c34e736e7) has joined #fedora-meeting Mar 09 14:56
rsc Blockling libosXip or so breaks linphone AFAIK. Or was it compat-libosip? Mar 09 14:56
notting libeXosip2 and compat-libosip2 Mar 09 14:56
notting were both orphaned Mar 09 14:56
nirik linphone I thought was utterly dead upstream... for many years. Mar 09 14:56
notting it may be, it was just the only thing in the --whatrequires query that wasn't also part of the orphan list Mar 09 14:56
nirik I guess they revived it... there was a new release late last year. Mar 09 14:57
<--tkjacobsen_ has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out)) Mar 09 14:57
---knurd is now known as knurd_afk Mar 09 14:59
f13 and the last ticket is Mar 09 14:59
f13 .rel 1275 Mar 09 14:59
zodbot f13: #1275 (Find New RelEng Meeting Recapper) - Fedora Release Engineering - Trac - Mar 09 14:59
f13 I think we could handle this the way that fesco does, rotate who does notes/reporting each week Mar 09 15:00
f13 so notting does this week, somebody else will do next week Mar 09 15:00
-->tkjacobsen_ ( has joined #fedora-meeting Mar 09 15:00
f13 ya'll OK with that? Mar 09 15:00
notting f13: given where the recaps were mirrored, you or i may have to do work in any case Mar 09 15:01
f13 notting: sure, but that's just a fwrd: Mar 09 15:01
-->rogersinel1 ( has joined #fedora-meeting Mar 09 15:02
---f13 has changed the topic to: Fedora releng - Open Floor Mar 09 15:03
<--drago01 has quit (Remote closed the connection) Mar 09 15:03
f13 We're at our hour mark, but the floor is open for any last minute topics. Mar 09 15:03
f13 otherwise the wife is yelling at me to join the family for lunch Mar 09 15:03
jwb so updates Mar 09 15:03
f13 jwb: yes? Mar 09 15:03
jwb they were broken over the weekend Mar 09 15:03
jwb lmacken fixed them and i have a huge push going right now Mar 09 15:04
<--tkjacobsen has quit (Connection timed out) Mar 09 15:04
jwb the firefox security update went out on sat with manual work Mar 09 15:04
jwb EOM Mar 09 15:04
f13 jwb: thanks for that. I was going to push ff, but I got roped into family things this weekend Mar 09 15:05
f13 and then I had to do designated driver duty for a friend Mar 09 15:05
jwb f13, no worries Mar 09 15:05
jwb the new option helped there Mar 09 15:05
f13 (but not every day you get to drive a corvette through a snowstorm in seattle) Mar 09 15:05
jwb nice! :) Mar 09 15:05
-->drago01 ( has joined #fedora-meeting Mar 09 15:05
notting 'snowstorm'? weird. :) Mar 09 15:06
<--mcepl ( has left #fedora-meeting Mar 09 15:07
f13 notting: it really was. Snow was sticking to I-5 and it was coming down /hard/. Mar 09 15:07
f13 bizarre for March Mar 09 15:07
notting f13: come to NC, it's 80F here Mar 09 15:07
f13 well it was 50° in Tacoma when I got home that night Mar 09 15:08
f13 there was just a nasty pocket of snow on the way Mar 09 15:08
f13 looks like we're off topic a bit though. Mar 09 15:08
notting just a tad Mar 09 15:08
<--drago01 has quit (Remote closed the connection) Mar 09 15:09
f13 ok, thanks all for the meeting! Mar 09 15:11

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