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Fedora 13 Release Party - Managua, Nicaragua

When and Where

Organizers / Team


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Requirements (Budget/DVD etc.)

This budget is for El Salvador, Guatemala and Nicaragua. It should be equally divided.

  • 75 DVD and 75 CD (Famsco ticket #67) = $ 52.00
  • 1000 bubble stickers and 1000 paper case badge stickers (Famsco ticket #68) = $ 183.20
  • 60 T-shirts (Famsco ticket #69) = $ 197.40

Total budget: $432.60 Budget for each country: $ 144.20


We improvised to gather people showing Soccer World Cup. For doing this we did a early start and it only took 40 minutes of our schedule. The workshops were not held, as we had to walk outdoor to get to the lab and it was raining at that time. We distributed disks and stickers. There was no request for liveUSB but we copy the images of some spins like kde, games and security. Sadly José López reach Managua on time, but we had a backup presentation. We had more that 50 people for this presentation.


You can see pictures of the event here, thanks to Agustin Chavarria.