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Fedora 14 & Enterprise Linux release event - Antwerp, Belgium

When and Where

  • November 27, 2010
  • from 18h:
    • Don Bosco Werken én Leren
    • Valkenveld 70, 2610 Wilrijk
  • from 22h30:
    • Praat en eetcafé 't spant
    • Boomsesteenweg 335
    • 2610 Wilrijk

The 2 locations are only 50m apart


  1. Bert Desmet
  2. Frederic Hornain
  3. Vincent Van der Kussen


The program will start around 7pm

# Name Name Presentation Comments
1 Bert Desmet & Frederic Hornain Welcome and introduction
2 Bert Desmet Contribute or die Why contributing to Fedora helps RH
3 Frederic Hornain RHEL 6 RHEL 6 Feature Highlights
4 Bert Desmet Fedora 14 quick overview about what is new in fedora
5 Dag Wieers Extending RHEL6 with RPMforge and ELRepo

Improving desktop and server functionality using third party repositories (RPMforge and ELRepo). This presentation will detail RPMforge and ELRepo repositories, explain what functionality it provides to RHEL6 users and demonstrate a RHEL6 desktop and the additional functionality. Requests for new packages and feedback is foreseen during the presentation.

6 Frederic Hornain Unlock the value of cloud computing
7 Bert Desmet & Frederic Hornain closing thank you word & upcoming events

Social media

How to get there

By car

  • Put the address (valkenveld 70, Wilrijk) in your gps
  • It is next to the "viaduct' in antwerp
  • There is a lot of parking space in the 'Valkenveld'-street
  • You would be extra cool if you could pick up people that don't have a car..
    • --> 4 seats left from Brussels. Denis De Messemacker (ddm) will leave Brussels by Sat. 4:45pm. from Auderghem, rue de la Vignette, 105. It's 200m away from metro station "Demey". Please contact Denis (+32 474449399) (French-English Speaking) if you plan to leave with him. I can/will also bring back people. As it will be late for metro, I can even drop them by their home.

By public transport

from Antwerp-Central (train station)

  • Every 15 minutes there is a bus leaving the station
  • Take 'De Lijn' bus 17 in the direction of 'UZA'
  • After a bus rit of about 20 minutes (ask the driver if in doubt) get of the bus.
  • You'll still have to walk 500meters
  • Say hi to all the people already there!

from Antwerp-Berchem (train station)

  • Every 30 minutes there is a bus leaving the station.
  • Take 'De Lijn' bus 21 in the direction of 'Neerland'
  • After a bus rit of about 25 minutes (ask the driver if in doubt) get of the bus.
  • You'll still have to walk 300meters
  • Say hi to all the people!

Other stuff

  • Gadgets!



Organizers / Team

  • Bert Desmet
  • Robert Keersse
  • Special thanks to Johan Jacquemin for letting us use this location!
  • Special thanks to Linda van Hoeymissen for the catering!