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Fedora 14 Release Party - Managua, Nicaragua

When and Where

Organizers / Team


  • Talks
    • What is Fedora?
    • What is new in Fedora 14?
    • Doing post-install
    • Using YUM by Neville A. Cross
    • Sharing Experiences of using Fedora (OLPC Project at Nicaragua)
    • Sharing Experiences of using Fedora SIMAS
  • Attractions
    • LiveUSB creation stations
    • Media, Stikers and T-shirts
    • Workstations for demostration
    • XO computers from OLPC project

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Requirements (Budget/DVD etc.)

Ticket #97 at Famsco opened to request funds for T-shirts, paper envelopes for media, leaflets printed, and cheat cubes. The total will be divided with Pizza Bash Fedora 14 and will ensure some left overs for some minor presentations at universities and such


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