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Fedora 15 Release Party - Athens, Greece

When and Where

  • July 28, 2011
  • 21:00 Local time
  • Athens Hackerspace (site in greek)

Organizers / Team


  • Talk about features inside Fedora 15 and Gnome3
  • Live USB stick creation station (Don't forget your USB Stick!)
  • CD/DVD distribution
  • Translated Fedora flyer distribution (What is Fedora, etc)
  • add here your own stuff if you want to do something!


  1. Nikos Roussos
  2. Pierros Papadeas
  3. Dimitris Tomaras
  4. Nestos Theophrastou
  5. George Chatzipapas
  6. Kostas Antonakoglou
  7. Dimitris Glaros

Summary, Photos, Blogposts

A very fascinating fedora release party took place in Athens at Papadeas and Nikos Roussos made a speech about the new features of Fedora 15,the new desktop environment,GNOME 3, and its benefits as far as user experience is concerned.