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Fedora 15 Release Party - Managua, Nicaragua

When and Where

  • Date: Jun 14th, 2011
  • Time: 1:30pm to 5:00pm (-6 UTC)
  • Place: Auditorium Roberto Terán - Universidad Centroamericana (UCA)

Organizers / Team

Fedora Gul-Uca Anetic
Neville A. Cross
Yader Velásquez
German Ruíz
David González
Aura Lila Gutierrez
Enrique Moreno
Vidal Ampie
Oscar Rivera
Francys Gomez
Ana Sofia Lopez
César Lenín Martínez
Katherine Alaniz
Norlan Rueda

Event Owner: Neville A. Cross


Hora Conferencia Expositor
1:30pm Lightning Talks
2:30pm Fedora and FOSS Ecosystem Neville A. Cross
3:00pm How to survive Gnome-Shell / Gnome3 Video
3:30pm Sharing use experience about Fedora at Setic S.A. Eynar López
4:00pm How to get help on free software German Ruíz

Requirements (Budget/DVD etc.)

  • Cheat Cubes
  • T-Shirts
  • Leaflets
  • Live CD / Installation DVD
  • Stickers

Detailed Cost Breakup

Description Unitary Cost Quantity Amount
Cheat Cubes US $ 1.00 15 US $ 15.00
T-Shirts US $ 5.75 20 US $ 115.00
Leaflets US $ 0.035 150 US $ 5.25
Live CD US $ 2.00 50 US $ 100.00
DVD US $ 2.3 50 US $ 115.00
TOTAL US $ 350.25

Famsco Ticket # 190 Notes:

  • Stickers are no needed as there are leftovers form past orders
  • T-shirts cost for order above 50 units is US $ 4.90
  • Leaflets were no printed.


We had registered 61 people attending, but we estimated that we have about 10 to 15 people unregistered. Plus the team organizing the event. We delivered 35 DVD and 35 Live CD. We had to keep some media as there are upcoming activities. Most important is a Asterix workshop that will be run using Fedora and the will do a fresh install. This is part of the activities planned for Fedora 15 release.

We were short on lightning talks, but we started a bit late after all. When people waited for start we showed Big Buck Bunny, Sintel and a slide show prepared for the occasion. The slide show has what's new in Fedora 15, what is Fedora and some resources for getting help using Fedora. This used to be a boring talk, and now we have this slide show to present while people wait. The rest of the presentation went as planned.

The same slide show was running on one PC at the tables for demos. We had four computers so people can try out Fedora 15, but decided to have one for the slide show.

We have one request for installation as soon the video about Gnome Shell ended, and we did it! The audio is en Spanish, but here is the video

Every one got at least one sticker. We have displayed our Fedora tablecloth at the registering table. We used balloons for decoration, setting white fedora balloons with blue and cyan balloons.

There was one person requesting some talk at his university, hopefully we can arrange that in the near future. I made contact with one architect hoe is using Linux as primary OS for design. He will be a good ally as there are usually some people asking for tips about that.