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Fedora 18 Release Party - Venezuela, Caracas

When and Where

  • Date: Friday, 25 January 2013
  • Time: Since 14:00 (UTC -4:30)
  • Place: Sambil Mall.

Time and place can be changed if needed.

Organizers / Team

Eduardo Echeverria Guillermo Gómez and colleagues.


  • Talkshow about the new features on Fedora 18. Speaker: Eduardo Echeverria
  • Upgrading to F18: Fedup Guillermo Gómez
  • Open discussion.
  • Rendezvous of actual contributors celebrating the arrival of Spherical Cow.
  • Install the Operative System to new users. Guillermo Gómez
  • Photo Session

Requirements (Budget/DVD/USB Key copying)

  • DVD distribution as well as USB Key copying.
  • Stickers (Available)
  • Drinks/Snacks
  • Cheat Cubes (Available)
  • Travel

Detailed Cost Breakup

Description Quantity Amount
Drinks/Snack 1 US $ 104,65
Travel 1 US $ 81,39
TOTAL US $ 186.04


Marketing Banners fedora bubbles.gif