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Fedora 19 Release Party - Managua, Nicaragua

When and Where

Organizers / Team

Event Owner: Neville A. Cross and William Moreno Reyes


time topic Expositor
2:00pm Fedora Nicaragua hoy Fernando Espinoza
2:20pm Nuevo Spin de Fedora Mate+Compiz David Gonzalez
2:40pm Nuevo Spin de Fedora Jam-KDE Eduardo Mayorga
3:00pm Cambiando Versión de Fedora William Moreno
3:20pm Las mujeres dicen presente en Fedora Itzel Morales
3:40pm Cosas nuevas en la última versión de GIMP Lila Gutierrez
4:00pm YUM-Jitsu Porfirio Paiz
4:20pm Fedora 19 cambios para sysadmins Javier Wilson
4:40pm saltstack y fedora Andres


  • Stickers
  • Media
  • Buttons


  1. Linux Tour Fedora 19
  2. Facebook
  3. Virtual party on general availability day at Facebook
  4. Virtual party on general availability day at Google Plus


  1. Log sheet reported 26 people. Head count at peak attendance 35. There was people coming and going.
  2. Media distributed 55 (a matrix of Live/Install and 32bits/64 bits)
  3. Swag 20 buttos for the first people to come. Stickers for everyone.
  4. Talks: 5 presentations
  5. More details at: Neville's Blog