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This will be a social event to meet other Fedora users and people curious about Fedora and to check out the cool features of the new Fedora 28 release. It will also serve as an opportunity for people to find out what Fedora and free software in general is all about and ask questions of people already involved in the community.


Tuesday, 29.05.2018, from 18:00.


Event will be hosted by trivago in the B1 office with a panoramic view on Rhein. Please register via Eventbrite or by e-mail to the organizers.


   40474 Düsseldorf
   Bennigsen-Platz 1
   B1, 10th floor

Important note - application

Please confirm your attendance via Eventbrite or by sending an e-mail to Bookwar with your name.


  • A couple of presentations
  • Pizza and drinks
  • Q & A session

Fedora Representatives and owners


Release Party Dusseldorf
  • Started 18:00, finished 21:00
  • Number of participants: 14 (50% people from trivago engineering team + 50% external guests)
  • Talks:
  • Questions asked:
    • Nvidia and Wayland - how bad it is right now?
    • How much time it takes to participate in Python SIG activities?
    • Reproducible builds - are there plans about it?
    • Can I install any rpm package in Fedora Atomic?

We also got a meetup group with ~30 participants which we plan to use as a platform for next events.