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The Rencontres Fedora are the release parties organized by the Category:French_team. This page is for organization and reporting (to the global Fedora Project) purposes only, a communication page should be created somewhere else in French.

When and Where

The event will take place in the Carrefour Numérique d'Universciences], Porte de la Villette, Paris, France.

Responsible Ambassadors

Co-maintainer welcome.



The event will be composed of:

  • a room for installing Fedora 13 on the visitors' computers, helping them with their problems,...
  • a room for giving workshops (possibly in the same room as above)
  • a room for giving conferences

Standalone announcements


A dinner will be organized for the attendees to enjoy together. Details will come later, but it is asked that interested attendees sign up as soon as possible:

Also, people coming from afar can be hosted at someone else's place.

  • People needing hosting:
    • you!
  • People being able to host someone else:


Pickup any task you want, add any task you think is necessary for the event to be a success.

Task Owner Status Observations
Make sure we have the needed rooms at Universciences Mathieu Bridon I'm in contact with Universciences
Book the restaurant
Write a conferences schedule Everyone
Write a workshops schedule Everyone
Handle communication around the event involves writing a communication page in french early and sending the word everywhere

For the status column, you can use the following templates:

  • {{Template:Warning}} for a task that is not attributed / started yet
  • {{Template:Important}} for a task started but not completed yet
  • {{Template:Check}} for a closed task

Material to bring

Item Who Observations
A liveUSB creation station Mathieu Bridon
USB sticks Mathieu Bridon
LiveCDs Not made yet
Banners / kakemono Matthieu Gautier
Other goodies Pens, badges, stickers, flyers, everything we have...
Membership forms to join Fedora-Fr Print a handful of them


In the tables below, for the « confirmed » column, you can use the following templates:

  • {{Template:Warning}} for a conference/workshop that is not confirmed yet
  • {{Template:Check}} for a confirmed conference/workshop

Also, the accessibility column represents the technical level of the conference/workshop. One star (*) means that basically everyone is able to attend, while three stars (***) means that only hard-core geeks will understand the speaker.


Subject Speaker Accessibility Confirmed Observations
Zarafa Emmanuel Seyman * to ***
An awesome conference You! * to *** Anything you need to add


Subject Leader Accessibility Confirmed Observations
Linux administration Mathieu Bridon ** to *** co-workshoper welcome
LaTeX presentation Kevin Raymond * to *** co-workshoper welcome
An exceptional workshop You! * to *** Anything you need to add


This section will be filled up after the event.


This section will be filled up after the event.