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SCALE 4X Report

By ThomasChung on 2006-02-13

Hi All,

* SCALE: Fedora Booth at Southern California Linux Expo

The 4th Annual Southern California Linux Expo (<a href=""></a>) also known as
SCALE 4X was a successful event for Linux Community. According to SCALE-announce mailing
list, Over 700 people came in the first day alone, and as a result the Expo floor was
busy and all four speaker tracks were well attended. Thomas Chung, Eric Hattemer and
Warren Togami were present at the Fedora Booth for two days (Feb 11-12) to answer any
question on Fedora Project as well as distributing Fedora Project Overview Handouts,
Fedora Core 4 DVDs and Fedora Project T-Shirts.

* SCALE: Fedora Presentation at Southern California Linux Expo

Warren Togami also gave a talk on what Fedora is about, why it is important to the
future of Open Source Software, and how you can get involved. The presentation slides
are available in Fedora Presentations page.

Here is a behind-the-story. It was only a few days before the event opening day, when I
noticed one of speakers canceled the talk so I contacted SCALE to find out if we can use
the spot for Fedora Project. Within minutes, SCALE responded and Warren accepted the
invitation. Since it was added in the last minute, his talk information was not included
in the printed schedule but the online schedule was updated in time and his talk was
announced well before his presentation. Also it was mentioned numerous time in the
Fedora Booth by the Fedora Representatives.

You can find few pictures in the latest issue of FWN and my Blog. :)


Thomas Chung

You can find few pictures in the latest issue of FWN and my Blog. :)