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The Southeast Linuxfest is scheduled for June 9-11 at the Sheraton Charlotte Airport Charlotte, NC.

Why Does FEDORA Attend SELF

Southeast Linux Fest covers a region that spans from Florida through Virginia on the east coast. We as Ambassadors see the event as the major venue for the south that draws many visitors from all over the southeast. Since this event is the only one in the area of its kind we can distribute and educate the versatility of Fedora. Most of the attendees are from areas that have and participate in Linux User Groups in their local states. It is imperative that these same individuals take back an impressive and memorable experience with Fedora. Its more than just showing up to an event and promoting our vision or like other sponsors just to give out prizes or swag to draw attention, but to give those who visit our booth more than just items to pass out, but to give each person an experience of Fedora they can remember and bring that same experience to LUGs in their locality. SELF also provides the opportunity for ambassadors with different expertise within Fedora to provide the best possible experience to our audience.

Date and time

June 9-11, 2017.

Friday, June 9

  • Registration
  • Booth space optionally open (setup possibly Thursday or early Friday)

Saturday, June 10

  • Registration
  • Main day of speaker talks.
  • Party 9 p.m. -
  • Booth/expo floor open 9am to 5pm

Sunday, June 11

  • Second day of speaker talks
  • Booth/expo floor open 9am to 2pm


The 2017 SouthEast LinuxFest will be held at the Sheraton Charlotte Airport. Those booking within the SELF block will receive the following benefits:

   Free shuttle to/from Charlotte Douglas International Airport
   Free on site parking
   $102/night room rate (Only for those in SELF’s block)
   Free in room wireless internet (Only for those in SELF’s block)


The event is free and open to the public. Registration is required for attendees,



The following Fedora Contributors are presenting at SELF

  • Ben Williams - Amateur Radio Testing Session, Amateur Radio -Past Present and Future, How to Create updated Fedora Lives
  • Nick Bebout - Amateur Radio Testing Session, GPG Key Signing Party, Proposed Talk: GPG
  • Cathy Williams -Yarn Track
  • Striker Leggette - FreeIPA table and talk "FreeIPA and Active Directory: A love story"
  • Robert Marshall - "Shell Zen: The Fires of Necessity" and "Automation Nation: Vagrant and Ansible Simplified"

Event volunteers

If you are attending the Southeast Linuxfest, please add your name to the list below:


Item Details Budget Actual
Sponsorship Bronze is $500, Edu/Org is $50 $500 $500
Hotel Room for Williams $352.67 $352.68
Hotel Room for A&J Ward $352.67 $352.68
Hotel Room for Dan No cost to Fedora $0.00 $0.00
Fuel For A&J Ward $75.00 $51.87
Fuel for Williams $50.00 $ 12.00
Fuel for Dan No cost to Fedora $0.00 $0.00
Shipping $150.00 $100.00 Media
Current Total $0 $1369.23
Requested Budget Total 2,500.00


Combined report