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Confined Domains

  • Each release builds on the previous release.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4/Fedora Core 3 Targeted Policy

  • apache , dhcpd, mailman, mysqld, named , ntpd, pegasus, portmap, postgresql, snmpd, squid, syslogd, winbind

Fedora Core 4 Targeted Policy

  • acct, amanda, apmd, arpwatch, auditd, bluetooth, checkpolicy, canna, cardmgr, chkpwd, comsat, consoletype, cpucontrol, cpuspeed, cups, cvs, cyrus, dbskkd, dmidecode, dbusd, dhcpc, dictd, dovecot, fingerd, firstboot, fsadm, ftpd , getty, hald, hostname, hotplug, howl, hwclock, kudzu, ifconfig, innd, kerberos, klogd, ktalkd, ldconfig, load_policy, login, lpd, modutil, mta, netutils, networkmanager, passwd, ping, postfix, pppd, privoxy, radius, radvd, restorecon, rlogind, nfs/rpcd , rshd, rsync , rsync, saslauthd, samba , setfiles, slapd, spamd, stunnel, tftpd, udev, updfstab, uucpd, webalizer, ypbind, ypserv , zebra

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5/ Fedora Core 5 Targeted Policy

  • Introduction of Reference Policy
  • Introduction of Multi Level Security Policy
  • Introduction of Multi Category Security
  • New Targets: logrotate, loadkeys, bootloader, lvm, vbetool, cron, sendmail, irqbalance, ldap