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policy management/generation:

  • reference policy (everyone knows about it; listed for completeness)

  • setools, policycoreutils, audit2allow, audit2ref, apol

  • Brickwall

  • slat, polgen

  • selinux policy editor (and accompanying simplified policy language)

  • selpec, sellog, selchk

  • SLIDE (eclipse plugin, not useful standalone / console?)

  • CDS Framework IDE (no standalone/console mode?)

  • SELinux Policy Server

  • conditional policy extension

  • Lopol: A Deductive Database Approach to Policy Analysis and Rewriting

nothing public at this time?

  • CIPSO / IPsec policy hooks / SELinux Protected Paths

nothing public at this time?

  • SENG: An Enhanced Policy Language for SELinux

Thanks to coderman <>