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setsebool(8)          SELinux Command Line documentation          setsebool(8)

setsebool - set SELinux boolean value

setsebool [ -P ]  boolean value | bool1=val1 bool2=val2 ...

setsebool  sets  the current state of a particular SELinux boolean or a
list of booleans to a given value. The value may be 1 or true to enable
the boolean, or 0 or false to disable it.

Without  the -P option, only the current boolean value is affected; the
boot-time default settings defined by /etc/selinux/SELINUXTYPE/booleans
are not changed.

If  the  -P  option  is  given,  all  pending values are written to the
boolean file on disk.

This manual page was written by  Dan  Walsh  <>.   The
program was written by Tresys Technology.

getsebool(8), booleans(8), togglesebool(8)                 11 Aug 2004                     setsebool(8)