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Fedora Education SIG Meeting 5th June 2009

Meeting Agenda & Items

For the agenda, as well as action items, please see the general meeting page!

Meeting Minutes

sdziallas okay folks, it's time on my watch, so let's get this started! :)
sdziallas how about a quick roll call?
KarlieRobinson Karlie Robinson
* walterbender is me
* gregdek is here
* mchua is Mel Chua
rdieter Rex Dieter
* warren Warren Togami
* sdziallas is Sebastian Dziallas and happy to have so many people around here :)
* walterbender is happy ot have sdziallas around :)
sdziallas heh. ;)
* KarlieRobinson is here because of a shout on another IRC room
KarlieRobinson I didn't know about the meeting until then. So consider me lurking
sdziallas Well, we're going to release a Fedora Education Spin with F11 (wiki page is here: Education_Spin). Now I guess it's a good time to discuss how to move on for F12.
sdziallas This F11 spin is probably not more than "take this live disk, give it a try and see all those great educational apps". It allows people to get a test drive. But it's definitely not a complete solution.
sdziallas So I'd like to talk about goals.
warren how big is hte edu spin?
sdziallas warren: it's 620 MB right now...
warren perhaps K12's spin has different goals
warren they're aiming for about 1.5GB for live image
rdieter sdziallas: what would you say has been the level of interest or feedback on the edu spin, say for F-10 and/or F-11?
* sdziallas thinks that it might be cool to have a complete educational solution "based on Fedora"
warren K12Linux Fedora 11 will be standard live GNOME + openoffice + educational apps + LTSP server/client stack
walterbender warren: any reason not to add a Sugar session option to the K12Linux spin?
sdziallas rdieter: for F-10, I haven't heard a lot. For F-11, hanthana has been doing great work to promote it. I think our F-11 spin is a good improvement from F-10.
warren walterbender: it never used to work in the past, does it work now?
warren walterbender: haven't tried it since F-10 beta days
walterbender also, in terms of overall goals, is there a school server/school admin strategy as part of the Fedora suite?
warren walterbender: does sugar have any "logout" option?
walterbender warren: for you, we could add it :)
sdziallas warren: yup, "gconftool-2 --direct --config-source=xml:readwrite:/etc/gconf/gconf.xml.defaults -s -t bool /desktop/sugar/show_logout true >/dev/null"
warren in the LTSP model every student has their own account
walterbender warren: there is an open ticket already...
* hanthana is here
* mchua is confused which agenda point we're on, exactly
walterbender warren: in Sugar, every student has their own account too
sdziallas mchua: yup, you're right. sorry...
warren I think K12 is sufficiently different to have a different spin.
sdziallas mchua: this should be F11 and major ideas for F12
warren The LTSP bits are CONFUSING if you don
warren don't want it
warren but K12 can use Fedora Edu's list of edu packages
warren K12's group is struggling to define the list of edu packages
warren partly because they're a bunch of morons
warren ...
sdziallas heh ;)
rdieter and likely everyone wants something different?
warren including a pony
warren "let's pull things from suse's build service"
hanthana sdziallas: there is a requirement of python from local school
* mchua is new to the edu sig - is our goal to make fedora useful to teachers (using it personally, using it in classrooms/labs?) individual students? entire institutions? at the k12 level, or focused on post-secondary?
sdziallas hanthana: it should be already included...
walterbender hanthana: even if there wasn't we should provide a friendly Python environment for schools
sdziallas mchua: I guess that's what we're trying to figure out. It sounds like half-starting from scratch. Before, we had stated that...
hanthana sdziallas: cool, i didn't check it during the demo
warren sdziallas: anyway, please talk to the folks on k12osn
sdziallas mchua: teachers and students should be able to download a spin and get a look at the various educational applications around.
hanthana walterbender: python is a part of school syllabus here
mchua As a strawman, what I would personally love to see (and will explain why in a moment) is a post-secondary-focused spin where the use case is professors hand out disks to their students at the start of term and say "We're using this environment for this class; please install."
walterbender hanthana: should be everywhere :)
warren mchua: is a bit different, it is meant as an installer to deploy networks of LTSP thin clients, for schools mainly
hanthana :)
sdziallas mchua: we agreed that it didn't made sense to include everything, so we didn't want to clutter the spin and decided to include some apps we thought to be suitable.
sdziallas warren: this makes sense to me, will do!
hanthana warren: k12osn means the LTSP ?
warren hanthana: sort of
walterbender it would be great to leverage the momentum of the k12linux efforts in LTSP
warren k12osn is full of educators
warren many use LTSP there, but not all
hanthana warren: okay
walterbender we have too few resources there right now in the Sugar world
warren note that Red Hat based LTSP has been strong since ~2002
mchua So, target user base being college students in (not-necessarily-edu-dept) classes interested in education, who want to tour/demo/contribute to education efforts as part of their coursework.
warren and today there are far more seats of LTSP Linux desktops in schools around the world than any other Linux
walterbender warren: let me rephrase my question from earlier: where are the RH efforts in terms of school administrative tools?
mchua For instance, the Math4 class (which KarlieRobinson can talk about) would be the perfect user group.
warren walterbender: there are none
sdziallas mchua: that makes some sense!
* KarlieRobinson wakes up
sdziallas mchua: and recruiting and gaining users / gathering feedback should also be on our todo-list ;)
walterbender warren: something to think about... a RH integrated solution...
hanthana guys, i need a small help, i need few points for 'why Fedora Edu Spin not Kubuntu'
walterbender warren: that could use LTSP or LiveUSB or whatever
warren walterbender: I tried to convince people, but there's no business model around it so they don't care.
mchua With the long-term goal of the SIG to be "let's highlight/improve/evangelize/help users implement in schools/etc the edu packages available in Fedora," and the short term goal of the f12 spin to be "give ourselves tools to do so."
sdziallas walterbender: as soon as I can get my hands on RHEL 6, I wanted to build Sugar for that.
walterbender warren: there will be a business model...
warren walterbender: the thing is, LTSP is ancient legacy technology, still very useful, but much better stuff is coming.
walterbender warren: but maybe not very big in the short term...
warren walterbender: long story
sdziallas mchua: +100 :) that should be noted, I guess!
walterbender warren: we have two issues with Sugar...
warren I don't care, frankly.
* mchua notes that there are multiple conversations in this room right now - sdziallas, should we put walterbender and warren on talking about sugar/ltsp first, then go on to the other topics?
walterbender (1) supporting the infrastructure, which RH can excel at
sdziallas mchua: sounds good to me, if that's fine with everybody (and fits into people's schedule)
warren I am here only to point out that this group should talk to the much larger existing educator group.
warren They lack leadership
warren but they are thriving
walterbender and (2) supporting pedagogy, which our mutual communities of teachers can help with
walterbender mchua: sorry. I thought the topic was general definition of goals
* walterbender will sit back and listen for a while
warren walterbender: I've been reassigned and must work on non-edu things.
* hanthana wait till end of meeting :)
mchua walterbender: no, no, sorry, it is (I think) but I was just getting confused about what everyone was talking about
KarlieRobinson me too
* mchua posts sdziallas's agenda, for reference
mchua * the F11 EDU spin and mainly our plans for F12 (application discussion)
* collaboration with POSSE, but also projects such as SugarLabs & OLPC
* how to promote the spin to make people aware of it
* other ideas, at least if you come up with them ;)
mchua sdziallas: what other topics do we have to add to that list given what everyone's just talked about now?
sdziallas mchua: thanks! (I should have done so before, I guess)
mchua I see hanthana with a "explain the difference between fedora spin and kubuntu" item
warren how soon will the F11 edu spin package list be ready?
warren I can reuse your list
mchua and warren with a "there's another edu group in fedora, we should do something with them" item
sdziallas mchua: I guess it basically means that we should raise the second part of the second point: relationship and cooperation with other projects
* sdziallas nods
mchua and... yeah, I think that's all, but I'd split the "collaborate with POSSE/SL/OLPC" into 3 separate agenda items.
hanthana guys pls pay more attention on Edu Sin marketing
hanthana kids like stickers, etc
* hanthana away
sdziallas warren: the one for the F11 edu spin is probably not enough. I wanted to raise the app discussion, too, so that goes into that direction, I suppose...
warren sdziallas: they're talking about that RIGHT NOW on their list
sdziallas mchua: splitting it makes sense
warren sdziallas: if you introduce your team on their list, state that the two spins have differnet goals
warren or they will be confused
* hanthana is back
sdziallas warren: I've been subscribed for rather some time to K12 Linux Devel
warren sdziallas: that's a different list
sdziallas warren: this is now k12osn list?
sdziallas warren: ahh, I see.
mchua ok - I tried to edit the agenda to reflect the discussion in this channel so far
* the F11 EDU spin and mainly our plans for F12 (application discussion)
* collaboration with POSSE
* collaboration with Sugar Labs
* collaboration with OLPC
* collaboration with existing k12osn interest group (what is the difference between them and us?)
* how to promote the spin to make people aware of it
o explain the difference between fedora spin and kubuntu
mchua anything missing or should we start going through this?
sdziallas warren: sounds like I should prepare a post to it after the meeting...
sdziallas mchua: this sounds very good to me!
hanthana mchua: feed back mechanism from end user
warren mchua: k12osn uses the same edu apps, but they mostly use it on LTSP terminal servers and thin clients, but they would be interested in Edu spin as well for non-thin client uses.
mchua hanthana: added to wiki under "how to promote the spin" agenda item. yay!
* KarlieRobinson will be right back I need to prepare a package for Linus Torvalds father - extra psyched
hanthana mchua: okay :D
mchua sdziallas, take it away!
sdziallas mchua: thanks :)
sdziallas starting from the top, I suppose...
sdziallas goals for the F12 Edu spin: I liked mchua's declaration from above...
sdziallas <mchua> With the long-term goal of the SIG to be "let's highlight/improve/evangelize/help users implement in schools/etc the edu packages available in Fedora," and the short term goal of the f12 spin to be "give ourselves tools to do so."
KarlieRobinson Sorry I have to go. My Disk jockey is having a fit about creating a disc for Linux Royalty
KarlieRobinson Bye all
sdziallas KarlieRobinson: oh... okay, see you soon!
walterbender KarlieRobinson: ciao
<-- KarlieRobinson ( hat #fedora-edu verlassen
mchua yeah, so, proposed f12 spin user base being professors teaching (not-necessarily-edu-dept) classes interested in education, who want students in their classes to tour/demo/contribute to education efforts as part of their coursework.
mchua (noting that "education efforts" == stuff like Sugar.)
mchua (And yes, I have specific users in mind who want to do this with their classes, hence the proposal.)
rdieter mchua: yay, a concrete use-case for real people. win!
mchua my hope would be that after the f12 spin, if we're successful, we start working the age of the intended user base down
* gregdek goes to get food before a 1pm meeting, but lurks.
mchua making it easy for, say, high school classes to use the edu spin to contribute to the edu sig... then middle school.... then elementary...
mchua (er, that would probably be over the span of multiple releases. this is something like a 2-year operation, at the least.)
mchua but to start with unis since that's what I see as really easy to reach right now.
mchua a lot more curricular freedom to do projects there than in k12.
mchua er... I am talking too much. Thoughts? Amendments, criticisms to proposal?
* rdieter cheers mchua , you're on a roll. go go go. :)
sdziallas mchua: I feel like this is what we really need. It's a clear goal, a target group... great stuff! :)
mchua warren in particular, I'm kinda curious whether this duplicates work the k12 group is already doing, since I didn't know about it until you mentioned it in-channel.
* mchua is new to all this! learning on the job w00t!
warren mchua: not excatly
mchua sdziallas: should we set that as at least a strawman target/goal for the f12 spin? I don't know how the decisionmaking-ness works in this sig yet.
mchua warren: "not exactly" also means "actually yeah, it duplicates a little bit"?
warren mchua: k12osn is the user list. is the development project, which is almost dead now. feature goals met, and I had to move on to other things. I only spin new releases when there are new fedora.
warren mchua: k12osn user list lacks leadership
warren Fedora Edu could provide that.
mchua warren: k12osn list has k12 teachers on it, then?
sdziallas mchua: if nobody objects (we can vote on that, if people want to), I guess we can go with it!
warren mchua: many
mchua warren: AWESOME.
warren mchua: globally too
mchua basically, a ready-made list of users for *our* users to work with.
mchua "hey guys, here's the f12 spin so you can make stuff for the people on the k12osn list."
mchua "we are your toolmakers. please tell us what you need so you can get those teachers what *they* need."
warren big problem with k12osn is the lack of leadership, people have very different ideas of what should be
warren thus lots of ponies
warren pink pony
warren purple pony
sdziallas mchua: yay! :) that's what I've been thinking of...
warren 50 ft tall pony
sdziallas we should call mizmo for the pink pony ;)
mchua flaming pony!
* mchua eyes burn
warren gregdek: maybe keeping fedora-education-list dead is a better idea
warren gregdek: and instead impose direction and leadership on k12osn
warren gregdek: it didn't work to fork k12osn in these past years
* sdziallas notes the f12 goal and... suggests moving on to our collaboration topics (including k12osn)
mchua sdziallas: +1
sdziallas sounds good? here we go:
sdziallas collaboration with POSSE (
sdziallas I firmly believe that this is a great project, and that it might help us to gather feedback from teachers involved in giving CS courses.
sdziallas So I'd love to see some cooperation here!
sdziallas Maybe we could get some feedback from them before and work on a special spin to fit their needs, so that they could continue to use a Fedora Edu Spin when returning from POSSE...
mchua that's what I was hoping. :)
hanthana !
sdziallas hanthana: yup?
hanthana sdziallas: recently mozilla did a regional wise survey
hanthana can we do such a thingy for Edu Spin
* walterbender has to disappear for a few hours...
hanthana eof
mchua hanthana: well, if the posse group is our f12 target base, it's only 8 professors so we can actually interview them all.
sdziallas walterbender: okay... see you later :)
walterbender mchua: see you tomorrow :)
mchua walterbender: yep!
mchua my usual strategy is to make things for a concrete small group that's asking us to make stuff for them, and then once they're successful use the success stories to say "hey and more people want to adapt this to fit them, right?"
hanthana walterbender: have a nice day!
mchua (instead of designing for a huge but vague user group that may not use what we are making.)
sdziallas mchua: posse seems to be quite ideal as a user group, as those teachers seem to be already rather interested (if they weren't, they wouldn't have signed up, right?) ;)
mchua hanthana: I think it would be a great thing to bundle a survey with the completed f12 spin, though, like "here's the first version of what we have, how can we make it better for you, what are your demographics?"
mchua hanthana: do you think that would work?
mchua sdziallas: exactly!
mchua sdziallas: *and* we have them captive audiences for a week.
sdziallas mchua: yeah! :) did I already say I like the concept? I did...
hanthana mchua: yeah
mchua sdziallas: *and* they will be needing projects to work on for that week (to learn how to contribute to OSS projects themselves) *and* they will be needing projects for their students to help with over the next school year.
sdziallas mchua: where they could possibly use our special spin...
mchua right-o.
mchua so, I guess what I was hoping for the POSSE agenda item was to say "yeah, these 8 professors will be our first target users."
mchua the tricky part is that we have to get them CDs by July 19.
mchua Which is when POSSE meets.
mchua I don't know how much work goes into making a spin but that seems like a potentially aggressive schedule to me.
sdziallas mchua: I'll +1 this plan.
sdziallas mchua: that's possible. maybe we should draft up a roadmap in the wiki? or at least talk about one?
hanthana +1
sdziallas mchua: I wanted to say: it's possible to realize this!
mchua re: roadmap - cool! yeah, want to do that right after this meeting?
sdziallas mchua: yup, sounds good to me! :)
mchua sdziallas: cool, what's next?
sdziallas next topic: collaboration with sugarlabs!
sdziallas in fact, this basically brings us to the question whether a possible should contain Sugar, I'd say.
sdziallas If we want to get people involved in educational efforts, this would be a good guess, I'd say.
mchua Personally, I'd like that. I don't know how much effort that would take, but I'd like that... it's an easy entry project for any CS class (just write a python game).
mchua is anyone willing to do (or already doing) the "get sugar into f12 spin" work?
sdziallas mchua: I agree. And it's already - as a test drive - in the edu spin... not much work, I can do so.
mchua (If someone can teach me, I'd offer to do it; I need to learn how to package and put stuff into the fedora ecosystem, anyhow.)
mchua w00t!
sdziallas mchua: we can work together on that, too :)
mchua yay!
* mchua thinks this is a happy meeting
* sdziallas thinks he wants a tasks & owners list in the wiki
sdziallas oh yeah! :)
sdziallas mchua: also, stating that: "this spin includes the highly-acclaimed sugar environment, which shipped on the olpc" can't be too bad for marketing...
mchua rdieter, hanthana, others - thoughts/interests/what should be in the spin?
mchua sdziallas: ooh, good point
mchua hanthana: marketing opportunities!
hanthana me too
sdziallas mchua: and as sugar is based on python... another chance of promoting it :)
mchua \o/
mchua hanthana: was the "me too" for wanting to help with getting sugar in f12?
* mchua notes we also need to make sure tools that *aren't* sugar get in f12 spin...
mchua (and if there's a lot of interest in doing the sugar side I'll move to the non-sugar side)
sdziallas mchua: yup! what we've been doing for F11 was that we chose "normal" apps, that mostly had the same dependencies as the sugar apps, so that we saved space...
sdziallas heh :)
rdieter size of spin is a concern. if the constraint of limiting it to cd-sized remains, then every "add foo to spin" will likely need "remove bar to make space"
sdziallas rdieter: right, we should discuss cd vs. dvd
sdziallas we also needed to remove partly non-english stuff for F11 - this is something we probably shouldn't do for F12.
mchua good point
hanthana we can let non-english locales to re-spin it
--> Rodrigo_Padula (n=Rodrigo@ hat #fedora-edu betreten
mchua should we make a list of the things we'd like to have in the f12 spin (ask mailing list to add things to a list on the wiki) and then make the size-cutoff decision once we see what each option would let us include?
hanthana but be sure, to make available free space
sdziallas mchua: sounds good to me :)
mchua ok, I'll take on the task of shooting that to the mailing list after this meeting then
sdziallas mchua: cool!
Rodrigo_Padula We will create a liveCD or liveDVD ?
hanthana guys we also need to identify big communities such as China, Europe, etc
* Rodrigo_Padula sorry, I'm late
sdziallas Rodrigo_Padula: hey! glad you made it :)
rdieter frankly, I'd rather drop the cd-size restriction, and explore other possiblities. otherwise, micro-managing the pkg list becomes quite a burdon, time/effort better spent elsewhere
hanthana i like both
mchua rdieter + 1
mchua if there is a good package list from the edu sig, I imagine it would be fairly straightforward for me to, on july 18, burn 8 cds/dvds with a subset of that stuff
hanthana guys, lets have both releases and let users to enjoy the freedom of choice
Rodrigo_Padula Can I do a suggestion ?
sdziallas mchua: yup, sounds good! I'd be able to compose test spins (and host them probably with sugarlabs for testing)
mchua Rodrigo_Padula: go for it.
Rodrigo_Padula for me, the Educational SIG have to work in 3 ways
Rodrigo_Padula 1 - teach open source
Rodrigo_Padula 2 - teach with open source
Rodrigo_Padula 3 - cientific reasearchs with open source
Rodrigo_Padula we can organize this 3 ideas in 3 spins
Rodrigo_Padula the media price is the same, cd or dvd
Rodrigo_Padula so we can work on LiveDVDs
Rodrigo_Padula and do a list thinking in this 3 ways
hanthana !
mchua Rodrigo_Padula: i think that's a cool idea. Personally, I'm working on a spin that does a combination of 1 and 2 because I have a project that has need for it.
Rodrigo_Padula good
hanthana i think we should merge 1 and 2
mchua Rodrigo_Padula: but I'm sure there's room for people working on multiple spins if you want to run with 3. :)
hanthana if some one do not want to learn Open Source?
sdziallas maybe 1 & 2 sound like a good focus for F12?
--> KarlieRobinson ( hat #fedora-edu betreten
mchua Hey KarlieRobinson!
Rodrigo_Padula sdziallas, Yes I think
KarlieRobinson Hi
sdziallas KarlieRobinson: welcome back :)
mchua KarlieRobinson: since you left, we've decided to make an F12 spin (yay!) focused on the POSSE profs as end-users (that part's on my shoulders, I think)
KarlieRobinson good
Rodrigo_Padula the 1 and 2 proposals are very different
KarlieRobinson While i was gone, I calmed down Brian so he could make the rest of today's discs
mchua KarlieRobinson: so our users are professors with classes that want to work on OSS edu projects, and the k12osn list (full of k12 teachers) are *their* users
KarlieRobinson good
hanthana we should able to teach Open Source while teaching with open Source
mchua KarlieRobinson: in other words, you + steve jacobs + math4 = the kinds of people we're designing for too
mchua Rodrigo_Padula, hanthana: totally agreed. so what are *you* going to do about it? :)
KarlieRobinson If what happened at RIT this last quarter is predicting for the future, that should be a good idea
Rodrigo_Padula Yes, but to teach with open source we need a lot of systems and packages
Rodrigo_Padula like gcompris, sugar
Rodrigo_Padula by now, in Brazil we are working to create the Educational group
mchua KarlieRobinson: ooh, yeah, so we should ask that class for feedback on our features list as well... hanthana, you still interested in that idea of making a survey? ;)
Rodrigo_Padula with teachers(K12) and TI guys
Rodrigo_Padula working with these 3 ways
hanthana mchua: yes
mchua Rodrigo_Padula: Awesome. I'd love to hear more about that, are you going to put out notes on the mailing list when things happen?
Rodrigo_Padula linking others projects like documentation, translation and local fedora magazine
Rodrigo_Padula mchua, Yes
mchua hanthana: I know nothing about making surveys... do you think you'd be able to crank out a short survey this weekend to send to KarlieRobinson 's math4 group (and maybe other groups if we can find them, who have done this stuff before)?
mchua Rodrigo_Padula: awesome.
Rodrigo_Padula at FUDCon I will present some ideas and recruit more people
mchua hanthana: and then we can see what kind of data we get from that, which would make the next survey round (that would ship with f12 spin) easier to adjust
KarlieRobinson You might be able to use something basic like Google Docs to make the survey
sdziallas Rodrigo_Padula: cool! (and I'll try to do so at FUDCon Berlin) ;)
* mchua reads up to figure out what agenda item we're on
mchua SIGs/Education/Meetings#Agenda_.26_Tasks
mchua ok, I think we've got the first 3 items down
hanthana mchua: i am really sorry, still preparing, collecting stuff to next week event, but i will do later
mchua hanthana: when do you want to do it by? I'll write it down so we don't forget
mchua hanthana: if you write the questions i can help get it online, get it out to people, and get back results
mchua so, it looks like we've finished talking about
mchua # the F11 EDU spin and mainly our plans for F12 (application discussion)
mchua # collaboration with POSSE
mchua # collaboration with Sugar Labs
rdieter If I may interject a quick question, who here will be at FUDCon Berlin? raise hands. if > 2, maybe we all should make a point to get together.
mchua (f12 = geared towards professors teaching their classes how to contribute to oss edu projects)
* sdziallas is there. I know that Greg will be there, too.
mchua (POSSE = our first target userbase)
* rdieter too
sdziallas rdieter: you coming, too?
sdziallas rdieter: coool! :) this will be great!
mchua (Sugar = will be included in the f12 spin, and sdziallas and mchua will work on it)
* mchua is sad that Berlin is prohibitively on the other side of the world - I wish I could go!
hanthana mchua: shall we do it together
rdieter Rodrigo_Padula: which FUDCon were you talking about presenting?
mchua hanthana: the survey? sure, just tell me when.
Rodrigo_Padula Latam
sdziallas mchua: sorry for getting you into your summary... we should get that on the wiki, too ;)
rdieter ok, :)
Rodrigo_Padula FUDConLATAM2009
KarlieRobinson we can do presentation here in North America too
KarlieRobinson Senaca in Waterloo ON Canada
KarlieRobinson Ohio Linux fest, etc
* mchua can help with the north america part. KarlieRobinson is a kickass speaker.
hanthana mchua: lets do on Sunday or Monday?
KarlieRobinson We'll also be doing NYSCATE in Rochester with SugarLabs
KarlieRobinson Talk with Steve Jacobs if you'd like to do Nyscate, I'm a total Noob with the education side of things.
mchua hanthana: Monday is better for me, I'll be on #fedora all day so just ping me when you're around
* sdziallas suggests to move on quickly, if everybody is fine...
hanthana sdziallas: what about you?
sdziallas hanthana: hm?
KarlieRobinson Sorry I have to go again. One disc to one man yet it's like the queen is visting
sdziallas KarlieRobinson: hehe ;)
hanthana sdziallas: i mean making questions
KarlieRobinson I'll look for follow up if I don't make it back
<-- KarlieRobinson ( hat #fedora-edu verlassen
sdziallas hanthana: I *might* be able to join you... normally I hang out on #fedora-devel / -edu...
mchua hanthana: I think the 2 of us should be fine on this, if not
mchua though sdziallas is always good to have around :)
sdziallas mchua: nothing promised ;) next week might be a bit busy for me...
mchua but yeah, +1 to sdziallas "shall we move on" suggestion
sdziallas just ping me if I'm required, ok?
sdziallas :)
* mchua flexes ping-finger
mchua will do.
hanthana mchua: i also new to creating questions ;-)
sdziallas okay! collaboration with olpc is coming up next.
mchua hanthana: then we'll figure it out together. :)
mchua whoops, sorry I was off topic sdziallas. yes, olpc.
hanthana mchua: okay, lets try then
mchua ...personally, I don't see anything for us to do with that right now (this might change in the future... I'll try to keep an eye out)
sdziallas mchua: I agree completely.
Rodrigo_Padula walterbender, is here ??
sdziallas we're doing well with collaborating with sugarlabs, and... well, that can be revisited at a later time.
mchua they're a potential future user group for our users to work with, but there's no immediate way to get in touch with the deployments there, for the most part
sdziallas mchua: agreed.
mchua Rodrigo_Padula: walterbender is afk (and walterbender does Sugar Labs)
mchua sdziallas: +1 - SL for now, OLPC as a potential thing to bring up later if things come up.
Rodrigo_Padula mchua, yes I know
sdziallas mchua: okay, cool :)
mchua next?
* sdziallas nods.
sdziallas collaboration with k12osn?
sdziallas this has been already discussed, hasn't it?
sdziallas we could try to keep them posted, ask for input and so on...
mchua yeah, I think we're done with that
mchua sdziallas: were you going to announce what we're going to do for the f12 spin to them?
<-- warren (n=warren@redhat/wombat/warren) hat #fedora-edu verlassen ("Leaving")
mchua sdziallas: like, "hey we're making stuff for people who want to work with teachers like you... start queueing up projects you want those people to do for you!" thing
sdziallas mchua: good question. I think that's probably not a bad idea... +1 :)
* mchua can't construct proper English sentences today
* mchua adds sdziallas --> k12osn to action items list ;)
mchua anything else on k12osn?
sdziallas not from me ;)
sdziallas mchua: thanks! ;)
sdziallas now... promotions!
mchua next item?
mchua WOO!
mchua er, was that hanthana?
* sdziallas looks
mchua from my perspective, I (and gregdek) will make sure the POSSE profs know about the f12 spin
mchua and use it, and give us feedback on it
mchua (well, at least try it out while they're in Raleigh.)
sdziallas mchua: that's great! :)
mchua did anyone ( hanthana ? ) want to do more than that?
sdziallas we can add ideas or concrete plans at a later point in the wiki, too...
* mchua personally has no bandwidth to do f12 spin outreach beyond POSSE until after July
mchua sdziallas: ooh, yeah. I'll do that since I already have the features list request to put up on the wiki.
sdziallas mchua: :)
sdziallas mchua: I can try to get it up on SL...
sdziallas (unless bernie kills me) ;)
mchua awesome.
sdziallas good! sounds like we're through the agenda, right?
hanthana mchua: what
mchua and the survey question is already moving forward (or will again when hanthana pings me on Monday)
mchua hanthana: we were discussing outreach, was there anything you particularly wanted to do for that?
* sdziallas smiles about the big progress we did.
* mchua thumbs-up to our fearless leader - thanks for calling this meeting, sdziallas!
* sdziallas thanks mchua and all the people who joined for the great work! :)
mchua I'm *super* happy with what we got through... hang on and I'll post tasks
mchua * mchua to ask mailing list to read f12 goals and add packages/feature requests to a list on the wiki, so we can make size-cutoff decisions once we see what each option would let us include
mchua * mchua ditto above for outreach ideas, and to make sure POSSE profs remain tightly in the loop for f12 spin development
mchua * sdziallas to keep SL in the loop
mchua * hanthana to ping mchua on #fedora on Monday to make feature-request survey to send to KarlieRobinson and Math4 class (and possibly others)
mchua * rdieter, sdziallas, gregdek, and others at FUDCon Berlin to get together at FUDCon Berlin
mchua * sdziallas to announce what we're going to do for the f12 spin to k12osn
hanthana mchua: i have to leave now
mchua anything I'm missing or mistaken on? if this is good I'll post that to the wiki page so sdziallas can harass us through the list at our next meeting :)
sdziallas hanthana: thanks for all your work! talk to you soon :)
mchua sdziallas: (which is when, btw?)
hanthana can some one give me few point why Fedora Spin is better that Kubuntu
mchua hanthana: see you monday! ping me whenever then.
hanthana at leat via mail
sdziallas mchua: looks good to me! get it on the wiki :) go go go...
mchua hanthana: ask the mailing list? (I'm new here, so I can't really help there, sorry)
hanthana 11th i have to explain these stuff to MoE officials
hanthana ok
mchua sdziallas, will you be posting meeting logs?
sdziallas mchua: yup.
sdziallas re meeting time: maybe keep it this time...
hanthana cya guys
sdziallas hanthana: bye
mchua This time is generally good for me, yeah
hanthana bye!
hanthana good night
sdziallas mchua: okay! :) if I wouldn't be able to make it or wanted to suggest a change... I'll ping the list.
mchua sdziallas, I dumped it to SIGs/Education/Meetings#Agenda_.26_Tasks, I'm not sure what there is outdated or where the notes should be moved but I figured I'll leave that part to you. ;)
* mchua starts in on her tasks
* hanthana away.......
sdziallas mchua: we can take the tasks list out there, too...
sdziallas mchua: I like how we started, so... ;) maybe we can get rid of old stuff
mchua sdziallas: go for it, you know better what to purge than I do
sdziallas okay, will do :)
sdziallas now this sounds like a good time to adjourn a meeting...
sdziallas always wanted to do this:
sdziallas == MEETING ADJOURNED ==

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