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Erlang Special Interest Group


To support the packaging of Erlang and elixir projects in Fedora.



Please send a mail to the erlang mailing list and add your name above if you want to help.


This section is outdated: relevant entries should be moved to our taiga project.

  • Create common guidelines for erlang
  • Ensure that all packages are built with +debug_info (slightly increase the size of beam-files, but won't hurt performance at all)
  • Allow parallel installation of packages (similar to kernel)
  • Provide pre-built plt images
  • Narrow Build Requires - only list packages which are required for building and not the whole erlang stack.
  • Remove "soft" dependencies. Some package dependencies are not strictly required - application tries to "dlopen" it (it starts to use it only in case of success; in case of failure it fallbacks to some default scenario). Notable one is a debugger which tries to download GUI interface and fallbacks to cli in case of failure.
  • Fix installation of jinterface - it doesn't use %{_javadir} for storing jar-file now.
  • All man-pages should be marked as docs. Consider also installing them to system-default paths (very likely will produce a conflicts and namespace clashes).
  • pgsql needs patching for R11B due to missing lists:keymember/3 function. Seems to be a very simple task.

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Potential packages

  • erlyweb
  • Yxa
  • erlang-mysql-driver - A native Erlang MySQL client library. One of the runtime dependencies for ejabberd. Please, not that there are two forks - one from P1 and another one from Yariv Sadan. All these three projects are based on the original work by Magnus Ahltorp. Read this post for further details.
  • Jungerl is also contains some very interesting libraries and applications, however not all of them are in good shape.
  • User contributions page at trapexit contains some handy user-submitted utilities.
  • Nitrogen Web Framework.
  • egssapi - Erlang GSSAPI and SPNEGO API (one of the runtime requirements for Yaws).
  • eldap - Erlang LDAP API. A patched copy is bundled with ejabberd.

Rejected packages

  • Jabberlang - a client Jabber library for Erlang. Obsoleted by exmpp
  • erlmedia - Erlang library for parsing different media formats. One of the requirements for erlyvideo. Abandoned by upstream authors.
  • erlang-rtmp - Erlang RTMP library. One of the requirements for erlyvideo. Abandoned by upstream authors.
  • erlang-fd_server. Similar functionality (binding to privileged ports) may be obtained with kernel > 2.6.24 with capabilities.