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Fedora Grid Computing SIG

The goal of the Fedora Grid Computing Special Interest group is to gather people interested in packaging grid software within Fedora.

Grid computing can mean different things to different people, it is certainly distributed computing with a security infrastructure. Relevant software can include:

  • Data management software
  • Batch Systems
  • Information Systems
  • Job Submission Systems
  • Security, authentication, authorization software
  • Messaging Software

Group Aims

  • Link to other related groups. MPI, clouds.
  • Create a yum group of grid client tools.
  • Document some of the basic setup of grid software as provided within Fedora.



Packages already in Fedora and Fedora/EPEL

Software Package DB Entry Notes
ActiveMQ CPP activemq-cpp Messaging Lib
BDII bdii Grid Information System
Boinc Client boinc
ClassAds classads Condor job descriptions, Now in EPEL also.
dCache access protocol dcap
dpm-dsi dpm-dsi DPM GridFTP server plugin.
fetch-crl fetch-crl Downloads CRLs e.g. from igtf.
fetch-crl3 fetch-crl3 Downloads CRLs e.g. from igtf. With EPEL4 and 5 there is a parallel fetch-crl3 package to the existing fetch-crl v2 package.
gridsite gridsite GSI security extension to apache's httpd.
gLite GSI trustmanager util-java, trustmanager Java GSI Stuff.
GLUE Schema glue-schema Grid ldif schema
Grid Packaging Tools grid-packaging-tools GPT
gsoap gsoap SOAP/XML Web Services
Globus Toolkit globus-*, more than 50 packages globus packaging guidelines.
Sun Grid Engine gridengine Batch system
LCG Data Management lcgdm Disk Pool Manager and LCG file catalogue, ie DPM and LFC
MyProxy myproxy Credential Management
OpenSAML opensaml Security Markup Language
nagios-plugins-lcgdm nagios-plugins-lcgdm Nagios probes for DPM/LFC
PyActiveMQ pyactivemq Python message API
Torque torque Batch system
VO Membership Services voms, voms-mysql
UberFTP uberftp GSI gridftp client
xrootd xrootd Extended root file server

Packages under Review

Package Wishlist

  • Add condor to EPEL mail thread, #569598
    • Package condor's chirp_client library #602861
  • Add voms-admin. Requires struts2 which requires myfaces-tobago which requires myfaces which requires...
    • Let's do php-voms-admin instead (see above) - same functionality, but much fewer dependencies
  • Add gridway
  • Add grifi

Completed Wishlist Items

  • Add xrootdfs, has no license at all, mailed upstream. Upstream will clarify with next release. Now released as part of the xrootd package.