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Outdated content
This page and all the sub-pages are outdated. They are kept here for reference. See the main KDE SIGs page for up to date content.
Please only add KDE-related packages here!
Anything else should go to the general Fedora wishlist instead.

This page contains a table of software using KDE4 or Qt4 that are not currently packaged. If you would like to take ownership of packaging one, please indicate in the table and update it with the review URL when ready.

Please add your package review to [kde-related package reviews] tracker bug, so we can track progress. Let us know (IRC, mailing list) if you need package review.


Package Name Brief Description Spec file Maintainers Status
ktoon 2D animation program Dead upstream
konserve Backup application for KDE. Last release 2004. Dead upstream. konserve.spec MarcelaMaslanova Review #361701 horribly and closed
keep Backup application for KDE 3.5 Dead upstream
guidance Administration tools Dead upstream
qtcurve (KDE 3 version)
klearlook A Clearlooks-like KDE style Dead upstream
kbasic full-featured IDE based on Basic laguage with support of VB and VB.NET syntax, requires Qt 4.4 and later. License: GPLv3. Also please remove the annoying license notifier from the program start.
kmyfirewall an IPTables based firewall configuration tool kmyfirewall.spec Aditya Patawari Dead upstream Pending Review #592864
kde-redhat-release Release package for kde-redhat repo (similar to rpmfusion-free-release)
drawpile Collaborative drawing application using Qt4 Dead upstream
Aurorae Theme Engine The next generation for KDE's window decorations Included in KDE SC 4.4
association-subscribers-manager allow people to easily manage their clubs.
autokey a desktop automation utility for Linux and X11.
babiloo Babiloo is a free open source software developed to read offline dictionaries.
blokkal an Extendable KDE Blogging Client Thomas Janssen Done
cirkuit generate publication-ready Circuit Macros figures. Ben Boeckel Pending Review #526844
edytornc text editor for CNC programmers.
eggy an IDE/editor for UNIX.
exaro a free report engine similar to Jasper or Crystal Reports.
fcronq an Fcron GUI for Linux.
firefox-plasmanotify A firefox addon that integrates notifications into plasma Not needed since KDE 4.4
freeremote provide remote management of Linux on the means of IR-remote controls, mobile devices (mobile phones) and other sources (eg network).
fritztray System Tray applet to monitor AVM DSL Modem UPNP Devices Link not working.
glnemo an interactive visualization 3D program.
gtk-kde4 Allows you to change style, icons, font of GTK applications in KDE4.
k7z KDE 7z Frontend

PS was revritten into Java, still have KDE menu entries

kall a small application to dial the telephone numbers in your address book for you. Link not working.
kalpa a toolkit for developing SaaS applications.
kamoso an application to take pictures and videos out of your webcam.
katchtv an “Internet TV” application — it lets you watch TV for free, but not your standard mainstream shows. Dead upstream
kaudiocreator a program for ripping and encoding Audio-CDs, encoding files from disk. kaudiocreator.spec Dmitrij S. Kryzhevich Review Request here.


kchildlock tool monitors and restricts the usage time of a childrens time spent on the computer.
kcollectd a small applications that allows to view rrd datacollections that have been created by collectd. kcollectd.spec Chuck Anderson

In progress

kde-mastermind a KDE mastermind clone
kde-plasma-phoneapplet POTS phone dialing plasmoid
kde-servicemenu-latex2ps allows you to typeset LaTeX documents from within Konqueror Ben Boeckel
kdicegen an “Internet TV” application — it lets you watch TV for free, but not your standard mainstream shows.
kfilefactory easily share a file or directory in Konqueror/Dolphin kfilefactory.spec Aditya Patawari Approved
kgraphviewer a GraphViz dot graph viewer for KDE. Dead upstream
kim4 a kde service menu which allows to resize, convert, rotate, (...) your images without to use a graphical application like Gimp ! Dead upstream
kio_package KIO slave lists files for an installed package.
kisa a small spell checking window
kmediafactory easy to use template based dvd authoring tool.
kmagnet a simple puzzle game with a built-in puzzle editor.Basically you can move the ball up down left or right and it stops when it finds an obstacle or arrives to a hole. spec and srpm Ryan Rix #528096, done.
kpgen an modern Password Generator.
kpogre PostgreSQL administration tool for KDE.
kps a very simple process status display tool which just presents output from the ps command. Link not working.
kradioripper a KDE 4 program for ripping internet radios. It is based on StreamRipper. Has merged back to KStreamRipper.
krosswordpuzzle a crossword playing game for KDE 4. You can also use it to create new crosswords.
kroyomol a KParts based program for analysis and visualization of chemical data
ktikz a small application helping you to create TikZ (from the LaTeX pgf package) diagrams for your publications Ben Boeckel
ktv an analog tv viewer
kvpnc frontend for various vpn clients. srpm
kvpm GUI for the Linux Volume Manager project and libparted
kwakeonlan a graphical front end for sending Wake On Lan packets to your computer. Broken URL.
kyamo KDE4 mp3 and ogg tag editor
lavape a graphical front end for sending Wake On Lan packets to your computer.
lrcshow-x a lyrics plugins written by pyqt4, supporting Amarok2, Qmmp, Audacious and other Linux Players with full dbus interface functions
luckybackup powerful, fast and reliable backup & sync tool Thomas Janssen Done
maestro-metronome useful metronome application for Linux Dead upstream?
moneymanagement calculate the right ammount of shares you could buy at stockmarket. It calculate the shares and profit/lost etc.
montypc A Qt4.x front end for mpd written in python, of which most of the functionality is provided by plugins.
mountmanager Manage various types of filesystems, and hardware
mtvcgui a very simple graphical user interface for TV capture using the mplayer encoder (mencoder)
nmapsi14 Qt4 nmap interface nmapsi4.spec Eelko Berkenpies packaged and in review soon.
nzb a binary news grabber.
opeke a simple, easy-to-use 3D modeler, not so much of a tool but more of a toy. There's a limited (but growing) selection of different shapes, with which you can build 3D objects. spec and srpm Ryan Rix see talk page. closed. doesnt work
openbrain attempting a new interface for the KDE4 desktop (an Artificial Intelligence plasmoid), with which, users can type english instruction sets to an aiml bot to accomplish common computing tasks (such as emailing, googleing, browsing wikipedia, or just chatting). Thomas Janssen thomasj.repo [1]
[2] Data visualisation and analysis library using pyqt
kde-partitionmanager Easily manage disks, partitions and file systems on your KDE Desktop: Create, resize, move, copy, back up, restore or delete partitions. Thomas Janssen Done.
propertyeditor A property editor for qt4.
qmediabibliothek A database application to manage movies. Thomas Janssen
qsvn a GUI Subversion client. It is a real client not a GUI wrapper for the command line client from Subversion.
qtads a GUI interpreter for Tads games
qtexengine QTeXEngine enables Qt based applications to easily export graphics created using the QPainter class to TeX. Ben Boeckel Done
qtractor an Audio/MIDI multi-track sequencer [3] rpmfusion-free Orcan Ogetbil Done.
qtwui a module for Qt that enables you to write web applications just like you where writing a standard desktop GUI application with QtGui.
quimachi a Hamachi GUI for Linux, residing in the System Tray. Is now called quamachi
qubladi a PyQt front end for hcitool,sdptool and rfcomm. It allows you to scan for bluetooth devices and their services, and then to connect to those services through a rfcomm connection Thomas Janssen
qwit Twitter client supercyper Done.
riv Ruby Image Viewer
rpmxdgtool A RPM Context Service Menu for kde3 konqueror and kde4 Dolphin.
semantik mindmapping-like tool to help students to produce complicated documents very quickly and efficiently
Sentinella A free KDE application that monitors your system activity and, when a condition is met, takes the action that you've chosen. Depends on libsysactivity (already requested).
simon an open-source speech recognition program and replaces the mouse and keyboard. Can be packaged now with the PocketSphinx backend (PocketSphinx is already in Fedora), the Julius&HTK backend will be available but not work out of the box due to licensing issues (Julius has a strange license, HTK is not distributable at all). [4]
sir A simple application for resizing images [5], review required
soundKonverter soundKonverter is a frontend to various audio converters
sparklemedia an open-source media player-cum-manager being developed for Linux using GStreamer and KDE.
spyrit a cross-platform graphical MUSH/MUCK client: aiming to provide a fast, robust and pleasant experience, it supports ANSI colors, per-MU* configuration, Unicode, tabbed MU* windows, multiline input with unlimited history, and more.
subdms A document management system (dms) based on subversion
TeXamator aimed at helping you making your exercise sheets. Basically, it browses a specified directory, looks for .tex files containing exercices and builds a tree with all your exercises. On Fedora Pkgdb Ben Boeckel
traverso cross platform multitrack audio recording and editing suite, with an innovative and easy to master User Interface. It's suited for both the professional and home user, who needs a robust and solid DAW. Thomas Janssen
treeline Some would call TreeLine an Outliner, others would call it a PIM. Basically, it just stores almost any kind of information. I lost interest on that one since i became the Maintainer of basket. Thomas Janssen Pending review Closed.
webkam This is simple webcam application
yadsync YADSync (yet another directories sync) is a simple tool to easy synchronize a set of directories
k4dirstat Graphical Directory Statistics for Used Disk Space. k4dirstat.spec Dmitrij S. Kryzhevich Review request. Done.
klook Klook is a quick file content preview application that supports integration with Dolphin klook.spec Evgeniy Auzhin, Sergey Borovkov