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This page holds to do list, suggestions and ideas for PM improvements.



  • irqbalance for powersaving profiles.
  • Enable sched_smt_power_savings.
  • Enable hda_intel powersaving.
  • Create virt profile.
  • Include better integration of PM-QoS (e.g. correct support for PS-Poll).
  • RFE: tuned profiles creation from PowerTOP suggestions.


  • Add support for IPMI power meter (and maybe iLO2).


  • Create infrastructure for running 'real life' loads.
  • Create 'real life' loads, e.g. for WWW browsing, watching video, development and whatever are users doing with their computers - similar to BLTK loads but more advanced and CPU intensive tasks.
    • We can simulate web browsing via Chickenfoot, Greasemonkey, iMacros Firefox extensions (currently Chickenfoot doesn't support FF4).
      • Simple iMacros script generator for automated youtube/ multi-tabs browsing is located at . Thanks to imacros should work in both Firefox and IE (also in opera).
    • Another idea is to use the XULRunner (thanks to Pavel Křivánek for contributing the example code):
  • Investigate available free benchmarks and its usability for power management testing / comparisons. Also investigate OS independent benchmarks for inter OS comparisons.


  • Add UI notifications for suspend / hibernate failures.


  • Fix suspend/resume for Intel 82801I USB controller.
  • Add suspend/resume support to CDROM driver.
  • Fix ThinkPad T500 supend/resume docking station issues.


  • Create PM SIG logo [Work in progress, thanks to Pavel Křivánek for contributing graphics].
  • Add PM support to cronie (wrapper) to be able to postpone running of battery demanding tasks. [Work in progress]
  • Add PM support to services, e.g. support for battery / AC profiles.
  • Add support for DDC/CI to control settings of external LCDs. [ddccontrol packaging in progress]
  • Fix: LiveCD doesn't support resume from swap located on LVM.


Prepare and benchmark alternative configs for daemons and cron jobs targeted to aggresive power savings.