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This SIG is currently dormant. You may want to join the Fedora Atomic Desktops SIG.

Silverblue SIG

We like the Silverblue variant, and we want to co-ordinate efforts towards making it a first-class edition of Fedora.

Scope of Action

This SIG currently has a singular purpose - to bring together people interested in Silverblue, and keen to see it do well as a variant/edition of Fedora. We will flesh out additional roles and responsibilities over time, but for now all roles and responsibilities for the Silverblue variant sit with their current owners.

Getting Involved

If you want to get involved then that's awesome! Membership is currently ephemeral and defined by participation - there's no sign-up page or list. So, how to "join"? Get involved:

Issue Tracker - GitHub

This is where Silverblue-specific issues are tracked (all other bugs are tracked on the Red Hat Bugzilla)

Discussion - Discourse

This is our "mailing list". This is the best place to ask the group to entertain ideas.

Chat - IRC/Matrix

This is where the community "hangs out", and is a great place to discuss ideas as well as provide help to each other. However, it is not a reliable way to communicate long-form ideas, or ideas to the wider community, since it will only capture people who are currently active.

As of 2023-08-06 14UTC, the two rooms are not bridged together anymore thus writing a message to IRC will not reach Matrix users (and vice versa). Note that most Silverblue developers have moved to Matrix thus the IRC channel is likely to get less attention and we recommend joining via Matrix. See Matrix to (IRC) bridge unavailable.