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This is a Marketing SOP that describes how to create a screenshot library for a release.


You can see examples of past screenshot libraries at Screenshot library.


List the needed screenshots

Make a list of the screenshots you would like to see for this release. In addition to a general "desktop usage" shot,

Take the screenshots

The How to make screenshots guide may be a helpful reference here. Upload the files to the wiki and link them to the main wiki page.

Check licensing and attribution

Make sure all the screenshots are released under an acceptable license and that information on the licensing and attribution are readily available next to each image, for journalists who may not be familiar with open content practices.


Image inclusion

When you upload your file to the wiki, you can include it in the screenshots library using the following wiki syntax.

[[Image:name-of-image.png|thumb|250px|Link to license and author attribution goes here, as well as a short caption describing the image]]

Improve this SOP!

If you see a way to improve this SOP, please go ahead and edit the page - you don't need to ask for anyone's permission. Read more about our contribution philosophy here.