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Test results for Fedora Security Lab, Fedora 21.

How to test

Generally we assume that the Xfce spin test results are valid for the Fedora Seurity Lab as well, but we need to check the corresponding Security Lab composes boots and installs successfully, as well as any specific tests.

XXXX TCx x86_64

Test results for Fedora 21 Alpha TC2 Desktop. Here you can post any bugs or test case results you encounter. If you file a bug report, please link to it in the notes section. After the checking, please sign-off the image on the Release spin page.

Who Check topic Expected result State Does it need fixing? Notes
Your name Composing Composed images for x86 and x86_64
Fail fail
Your name Booting live system Boot to desktop
Fail fail
Your name Installation Working installation process from live system
Fail fail
Your name Security menu It it possible to start the applications with the menu.
Fail fail
Your name Test cases Pass all test cases
Fail fail