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This page describes the DOs and DONTs for Spins being submitted for review to the Spin SIG .

This document should also include guidelines with regards to the snippet layout as proposed in Kickstart Pool .

DOs and DONTs

  • All bits on the spin concept MUST be in Fedora. This can either be a released tree, the release's corresponding updates tree, or rawhide.
  • The spin concept MUST be tested thoroughly before submitting it to the Spin SIG for technical review.
  • If the spin is to be included in the coming release, the spin MUST be composed on rawhide, using the compose tools in rawhide, and the packages from rawhide.
  • Installation from the spin, whether a Live Spin or an Install Spin, MUST work.
Fixing packages or applications on the Spin is not allowed. A fix goes upstream.

Live Spins

  • The Live Spin concept MUST be composed using a kickstart configuration.
  • The Live Spin MUST include the one of the base kickstarts, which is designed to make the Live Spin work. Exceptions may be granted by the Spins SIG on request.
    • fedora-live-base.ks
    • fedora-live-desktop.ks
    • fedora-live-kde-base.ks
    • fedora-live-mini.ks
    • fedora-livecd-desktop.ks
    • fedora-livecd-kde.ks
  • The kickstart MUST be valid.
  • HINT: Use ksflatten to see if all %include statements work properly. You probably shouldn't use absolute file paths.
  • HINT: Use ksvalidator to see if all directives used are valid.
  • The Live Spin MUST be maintained for the remainder of it's lifecycle.
Do NOT remove anaconda from the package set as it is a requirement for the liveinstall feature that comes with Live Media.

Localized Spins

  • Other then locale, timezone and keyboard settings, and language-specific packages, the Localized Spin must match the upstream Live Spin you based the Localized Live Spin on. You can change the following things:
  • lang
  • keyboard
  • timezone
  • @*-support package selections (languages) in the %packages manifest
  • aspell-*/hunspell-* package selections in the %packages manifest
  •* package selections in the %packages manifest
  • Package selection to meet the size as well as local hardware, software and cultural requirements.
  • Additionally, you might need to specify a %post script to have the desktop environment use the correct keyboard layout, now that xorg.conf is gone.

Installation Spins

  • No notes on Installation Spins yet.

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