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We have ceased meetings again.

How this page is used

Since we haven't had real meetings for a while, I think we are better off using this page to keep a list of outstanding agenda items. Stuff will be added when it comes up and removed when it has been dealt with.

Meeting results will be in the meetbot area. Previous meetings mostly pre-date being able to name meetings so will probably be hard to find, but going forward should be easy to link to.

Previous Meeting Logs

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Current Agenda

Future Agenda

  • Getting a review of Dan Walsh's changes proposed for live-base to make maintaining his sandbox spin simpler.
    • I think this could be useful for other custom spins as well.
    • Having a way to add users when running livecd-iso-to-disk might also be useful, though maybe not practical.
  • Process updates noted in Paul's message.
    • Kevin did a rough draft, Bruno will review and we will take up at the next meeting.
    • This needs to be checked to make sure the relevant information has been captured.
  • It has been suggested that we better document how to use the spins with USB drives.
    • With USB drives becoming more common and being a lot better because they don't have large seek times, this seems like good advice.
    • Is this something we would do ourselves, or would docs or design team do it?