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Spin Tests

The ever growing amount of Test Cases lives in Category:LiveCD Test Cases. This list comes from the Quality Assurance Team, and may be extended with help of the Spins SIG, the Spin Maintainers whenever a new test case is created.

What tests should Spin Maintainers run?

Spin Maintainers should run these tests regularly. The Spins SIG expects these tests to be run on a monthly basis, to enable fixes to go through before the next test run, and to enable errors to be detected in time. The Spin Maintainers should definitely send reports on these tests to the Spins SIG, via the mailing list.

Spin Maintainers should also verify the changes they make to make the Spin unique actually work, as well as create a new test case (using Template:QA/Test_Case) for every item that needs to be tested by the Quality Assurance Team.

Daily Compose Testing

The Spin SIG can run daily compose testing for spins already in the spin-kickstarts GIT repository.