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Status: "Idea"

Summary of idea: Handy graphical tool for archiving settings of desktop applications. This tool will be useful for users who:

  • want to simply backup / restore look-and-feel and settings of desktop applications;
  • frequently migrate from one distribution to another;
  • have more then one device and want to sync settings.

Contacts: Alexei Panov

Mentor(s): Alexei Panov

Notes: Tool can be written to work with plugins (preferrable) or just bunch of configuration files to describe backup / restore / sync methods and enable support for certain application.

Proposed features:

  • Easy search and select installed applications for backup / restore / sync
  • Can work as application or as daemon
  • Has scheduler and backup / restore / sync settings (archive type, passwords, compression rate, additive/solid, etc.)
  • Custom selection of applications for archiving (one, group, all, etc.)
  • Restoring data from archive with tracking of current application, nonexistent on target machine applications should be reinstalled from PackageKit
  • Including user selected files in archive for restoring on target machine (possibly searching and automatic including configuration files or files of specified types).