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  • In the section Choosing a Good Passphrase there's no info what a good passphrase really is. For example: at least X characters long, containing small and capital letters, digits and punctuation. -- atodorov
  • In Create a mapping to allow access to the device's decrypted contents, after cryptsetup luksOpen <device> <name> it's worth mentioning explicitly that the mapped device should be used from now on and the original device (/dev/sda3) should only be used with LUKS commands or even better not used at all. This will warn users who don't fully understand how device mapper works. --atodorov
  • In Set a randomly generated key as an additional way to access an encrypted block device there's not enough info about key files. In particular in one uses $HOME/keyfile and /home is on encrypted device how it will be possible to use the key to decrypt the device? The man page is silent about this and I personally haven't used keys with LUKS. --atodorov
  • In Creating_Encrypted_Block_Devices_in_Anaconda - is it possible to outline what the expected behavior is when you ask for autopartitioning, and select Encrypt System? Are the created LVM physical volumes encrypted or are the LVM logical volumes encrypted? Is swap encrypted?

Self-encrypting drives; a.k.a. OPAL

It would be nice to see some discussion of self-encrypting drives by way of