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Rather than just nuking something, I wanted to explain and get some feedback. :) Part of the hard part of being Fedora ("Everyone's older brother") is that we have to act correctly even when others won't. For this reason, we avoid, as a project, calling out other people by name. For that reason, I don't think we want to specifically name any other distros in our formal announcements. Besides, sales folks will remind you, every time you say someone else's name instead of your own, you give them the publicity. :) For that reason, I think we can change the quote in the first paragraph to say, "Fedora 10 kicks ..." Yeah, I guess I'm leaving off the word 'ass' to not be offensive, but maybe it could just be, "Fedora 10 kicks ... ass". It's referential without calling anyone by name.

--Quaid 00:15, 19 March 2009 (UTC)

I like that approach. I felt a little uncomfortable about the wording, but I felt like it would be a crime to waste such a good quote. Your modification softens it nicely. Oh, and Thanks Susan for the edits. I was just about to do exactly that.