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I assume this needs a full rebuild of the world ? Might be worth pointing that out in 'Scope' - mclasen

  • Added - notting

this will break the XO the geode CPU is i586 + cmov extention. rpm correctly refuses to install i686 rpms onto the system. currently the os shipped by OLPC has i686 glibc and openssl rpms installed but you can not update them. they only get on because the host that builds images is capable of installing them. - ausil (dgilmore)

  • cjb says that i686 should work on the XO - notting

If you are dropping support for i586 CPUs, why is the default -march for 32-bit i586 instead of i686? —Preceding unsigned comment added by Jwboyer (talkcontribs)

  • So people can build code for lower CPUs if they require... i686 rpms will be built by explicitly passing -march=i686 - notting

This would break anything running a Via C3 processor. We use lots of these as LTSP terminals since they are capable, inexpensive, and don't require a fan. Terminals used for LTSP tend to not be the latest thing. They are also used for many other embedded/appliance type uses.

The LTSP function in Fedora is quite nice and is just getting going good. It would be a shame cut off the terminals used to access it.

Installing an x86_64 kernel for a 32bit distribution may cause issues, if users try to install third-party kernel modules - JSchmitt

At what date/point is this planning on happening so can do test installs and such? - mchambers

Getting time to test is important. Some applications break on X64 and thus cause users to use the 32 bit install on 64 hardware. Will there be an install option to force 32 or are these users going to have to pass on F11+? - User:Jjmcd