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Feature Wrangler Review (2008-07-10)

Thank you for creating this feature page. You have set it to Category:ProposedFedora10. This means you are requesting that FESCo review it for acceptance at its next meeting.

A number of the sections are incomplete which means your page is not ready to be reviewed by FESCo. It has been moved to Category:ProposedFeature.

When you have completed all of the sections of the page following the template at Features/Template and wish to request that your feature be considered for acceptance, please change the category to Category:ProposedFedora10. For consistency all features must use the same section names and headings as the template and contain descriptive content.

A complete description of the feature process is here:

If you have questions about the feature process or need help filling out your feature page please send an email to or ask for help on irc.freenode.devel on #fedora-devel