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On Ubuntu there's zsh support for command-not-found too (users need to source the file manually) so it's Good Thing to have zsh support on our implementation --Willwill 09:44, 24 July 2009 (UTC)

IMHO, this plugin must not try to download anything from network. Consider a new system install without any yum cache, which is connected to Internet with a slow connection. Then, just consider the case that the user types a command with some spelling errors. He'll see a command not found message, and then he should wait... and he might need to wait indefinitely (completely possible due to bug #515744) or press Ctrl+C. Doesn't seem to be a good setup. I think that this plug-in should work completely offline (or at least like when you run yum with -C commandline) or it will make Fedora even more frustrating for such users in its package management system. -- Hedayat 07:18, 20 Aug 2009 UTC

Add it for Man pages + devhelp as well

Looks like a nice feature, as other people have mentioned the performance should be considered even for people with good internet connection, being fast is the thing people like it with terminals (at least for me). Terminal should always sustain a high speed.

I also suggest adding a similar feature for man pages as well as for devhelp, Have you ever used a man command and faced No manual entry for A similar thing can be done for those two as well.


Is normal for this to allow a normal user to install applications (system wide) without asking for ANY password? It does do in F12 (NicuBuculei 14:08, 11 November 2009 (UTC))