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Some parts still smell a lot of copy&paste from the Workstation PRD and could use some editing to highlight the distinctive strengths of KDE Plasma and KDE-Platform-based applications (and, conversely, drop some expectations that are unrealistic or undesirable for the Plasma Product). In particular:

Target Audience Case 2: Student/Pupil/Teacher:

  • focus on educational software (kdeedu, GCompris-qt)
  • add "multiple (Plasma) activities" to separate class work from personal use (gaming etc.)
  • drop "particular tool chain versions", "games from commercial publishers", "multiple developer environments"

Target Audience Case 3: Content Creator

  • highlight professional-grade drawing (Krita)
  • unfortunately, Kdenlive has patent-encumbered dependencies, so it probably doesn't make sense to list it here
  • only list use cases with a credible kdelibs- or Qt-based implementation

Target Audience Case 5: Developer:

  • highlight powerful IDE(s) (KDevelop, maybe Qt Creator)
  • only list use cases with a credible kdelibs- or Qt-based implementation

I also think that we should come up (somewhere, whether inside the Target Audience section of the PRD, in a separate section of the PRD, or outside of the PRD) with a list of concrete applications for each target audience case.

Overall plans and policies for the product:

  • strike "3rd party software", not a goal for our Product
  • strike "Develop application guidelines and designs", that's upstream's job and already exists (KDE HIG), refer to the KDE HIG instead

--Kkofler (talk) 12:23, 18 March 2014 (UTC)

I think we should also give popularity stats somewhere:

--Kkofler (talk) 10:37, 20 March 2014 (UTC)