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This is to verify that Anaconda can successfully install the PACKAGE SET package set from the release repository.


  1. Prepare a test system with a working, supported storage device of sufficient size for a Fedora install, and a Fedora installation medium.

How to test

  1. Boot the installer using the generic network install image or a similar method (e.g. PXE boot with the Everything tree used for inst.repo)
  2. Enter the INSTALLATION SOURCE screen and select the option called Install the default versions provided by the installation source (above) only. If using the generic network install image, the source should be set to Closest mirror. Click Done
  3. Enter the SOFTWARE SELECTION screen and select the PACKAGE SET environment
  4. Proceed with installation, using defaults for all other settings where possible and simple, sensible choices where a choice must be made
  5. Boot the installed system.

Expected Results

  1. The installation should complete successfully
  2. The selected package set should be installed
  3. The system should boot to the appropriate state for the selected package set.