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Stop (medium size).png PLEASE READ: The hackfest sessions on the FUDCon Boston 2007 weekend are an invite only event. If you intend to participate, please contact thl .

Hackfest FUDCon Boston 2007 -- Packaging session(s)

Rough Plan

Having clear goals helps getting stuff done! The main goals for the packaging session:

  • get a lot of Core packages reviewed for the Extras merge
  • sit together and discuss (and maybe even solve some) some stuff (EPEL, kmods, FESCo issues...) as needed -- that sometimes a lot easier in person-to-person meetings than via IRC or mail
  • some red hat employees and community members will work on special stuff in parallel to the two mail topics mentioned above; rdieter for example might work on the KDE spin

Note: Participating in the packaging hackfest does not mean that you have to do reviews all the time or have to be in the review hackfest room all the time. Yes, the idea is to get a lot of work done, but having a bit fun while at it is desired, too :-) . And if you also want to participate in other hackfest sessions or just want to talk to some other people that are around to get some other tasks discussed or done: do it, and give reviewing a small break! We should just have one or two people around in the hackfest room and on IRC (as gateway fudcon hackfest<->IRC/world wide review hackfest) most of the time to answer questions (but that should be no real problem and will probably sort out on its own).


All times local Boston time (that's UTC-5 hours).

Note: we'll discuss the exact schedule of most (mini-)sub-sessions in the kick-off meeting Saturday morning. Those that don't participate there might continue reviewing.


  • 09:00 A small "Welcome and kick-off meeting" -- say hi to everyone, discuss and coordinate the plans for the weekend. The Infrastructure session starts at 9:30, so packagers like abadger1999, dgilmore and mmgrath can hopefully participate here before they head off to the Infrastructure session.
  • 09:30 Get online and start the reviewing. We want to get the community involved via IRC, thus show real presence and activity for some time (~one hour)!
  • 10:30 special (mini-)sub-sessions as needed in room #2;
  • 1[23] :XX have some food eventually?
  • 14:00 Another "get the community involved via IRC session", thus show real presence and activity for some time (again: ~one hour)
  • 15:00 Mini-session (~1h) in room #2: Discuss kernel module packaging future: Jon Masters (will be around for this session), thl, spot(?), jeremy(?), mdomsch(?), skvidal(?), you?
  • 16:00 special (mini-)sub-sessions as needed in room #2; (EPEL SIG?)
  • 17:00 Another "get the community involved via IRC session", thus show real presence and activity for some time (again: ~one hour)
  • nearly open end -- we get thrown out of the building at 8pm. So call it a day then or a bit earlier and have some fun in compensation for all the work we did :-))


  • 09:00 Another "get the community involved via IRC session", thus show real presence and activity for some time (again: ~one hour)
  • 10:00 special (mini-)sub-sessions as needed in room #2;
  • 13:00 Another "get the community involved via IRC session", thus show real presence and activity for some time (again: ~one hour)
  • 14:00 according to the BarCamp page we get thrown out of the building
  • 18:00 (?) Superbowl (?)

Proposed sub-sessions

If you want to participate in one of those please put your name behind it!

  • Meet and hour or two and chat about Extras as a whole, how to improve it, future goals and things like that.
  • mini-FESCo meeting
  • EPEL and SIG: mcgrath(?), quaid, dgilmore(?), thl, ???
  • Discuss building a release SIG? f13(?), jeremy(?), notting(?), ???
  • put your suggestions sub-sessions here

Proposed mini-sub-sessions (less then 30 minutes probably)

If you want to participate in one of those please put your name behind it!

  • Wiki-reorganization: Extras/ stuff needs a new home: rahul (?), spot(?), thl, ???
  • mailing list reorganization: thl, mmcgrath(?), max ???
  • put your suggestions mini-sub-session here

What I asked gregdek to provide for the sessions at the hackfest location

  • one room for reviewing purposes (needs Internet access) where we can get 10 or 12 (or maybe even some more people) with laptops together would be nice. Those that do reviews or misc other stuff can sit together there and work.
  • a smaller room for maybe six or eight people would be nice to just discuss stuff like EPEL, kmods, other stuff in mini-sessions without disturbing the others. two or three Ethernet connections should be enough for that room
  • having a local http-server that mirrors Rawhide and Extras for Rawhide for mock builds would be ideal in room #1.
  • having one or two fast machines for mock build would be ideal. Maybe also some of those guys without laptops could use them (also in room #1)

Who will participate

Confirmed to participate in reviewing

7 people in total

  • ThorstenLeemhuis (thl) -- flies away on Sunday afternoon (17:40 take off) already -- sorry
  • Kevin Fenzi (nirik), with laptop (maybe two)
  • Tom "spot" Callaway, with laptop -- "i was assuming that i'd be doing core reviews for most of the hackfest"
  • Jason Tibbitts (tibbs), with laptop (plus one for bpepple)
  • Ed Hill (edhill), with laptop, Saturday, possibly Sunday -- "I would enjoy working on some sort of group review session"
  • Warren Togami (warren), with laptop, "for the most part I will be doing reviewing"
  • Brian Pepple (bpepple), no laptop with him, so will need one for reviewing - tibbs is bringing one.

Confirmed to participate in reviewing , but slightly involved in other stuff as well

3 people in total

  • DrJef -- with linux laptop hopefully, would need one for reviewing; "I wanted to corner wwoods as well and see what the QA hackathon was about and i want to corner as many of the OLPC monkey's as I can lay my hands on"
  • Robin Norwood -- with laptop; "The packaging session sounds great - I have a lot to learn about Fedora packaging."

Confirmed to participate in reviewing , but heavily involved in other stuff as well

4 people in total

  • Jesse Keating (f13) "I'm probably going to be splitting my time between the buildsystem hack fest (primary goal), the package review hackfest, the updates tool thing (if hacking is needed), pungi hacking (if anybody is interested), and whatever else is going on."
  • Toshio Kuratomi (abadger1999) -- "But I'm going to be working a lot on infrastructure."
  • Mike McGrath (mmcgrath) -- Is of course busy with his own infrastructure hackfest, but we need him at least for the EPEL session and the mailing list reorganization discussion
  • Dennis Gilmore (dgilmore), "i plan on having x86_64 and ppc laptops" -- will be busy with infrastructure stuff, but plans to have a bit time for some reviews, too.

Confirmed to participate in reviewing from home

  • John Patrick Mahowald (fedorared) -- "I'll at least be online that weekend for a remote review fest."
  • Ruben Kerkhof (graveyard) -- "that would be great, I'll be available"
  • Patrick Laughton (jima) -- probably not

Confirmed to participate somehow

Just for tracking; 11 people in total

  • Bill Nottingham -- "I'm not sure exactly what I'll be doing during the hackfest - there are a bunch of things I *could* be doing."
  • Jeremy Katz -- "I have a feeling that I'm going to be a bit of a roving force of good (or bad :-) ). So if there are times that we want to specifically go heavy on reviews, I can easily jump in on some of that."
  • Matthias Clasen -- Will participate in existing sessions and in other stuff. Comes with laptop.
  • Mike McLean -- plans to participate in existing sessions and in other stuff. Comes with laptop.
  • David Cantrell -- "I can help with package reviews, but I was hoping to use most of my time to work on overhauling some existing DHCP libraries, parted bugs, and anaconda networking issues." Comes with laptop.
  • Luke Macken (lmacken) -- "I'll probably be all over the place. Mostly updates system hacking, which could extend to the QA tracker/beaker, yum, and any other pieces of infrastructure that need some love. I will have my laptop."
  • Matt Domsch (mdomsch) -- "I figured I'd spend most of my time working on the new mirror management software"
  • David Lutterkort (lutter) -- "There's at least two sessions of interest to me: Fedora Infrastrcuture and the yum session. But if need be I'd be willing to help out with the packaging for a bit.[...] I'll bring a laptop; would appreciate a chair and some sort of wireless network ;)"
  • Thomas Vander Stichele (thomanvs) -- "I'm also bringing my OLPC for example, and I heard a rumour that some people want to talk about codec stuff, but I'm down with anything really"
  • Matthew Miller (mattdm) (Boston university and Extras contributor) -- "[Reviewing] is definitely an area where I'm interested in helping contribute. However, it may be that I'll mostly be needed to help keep the conference infrastructure all running smoothly."
  • Jarod Wilson (jwilson) -- "Planning to attend at least one day. I was intending to hit up the Live CD session. I'll bring a laptop."
  • David Malcolm (dmalcolm) -- "I'm planning to attend the Fedora QA Hackfest (and help wwoods run it as necessary); I'll be bringing my laptop. I'll need connectivity of some kind (wireless?)"
  • KarstenWade (quaid) -- "Aside from EPEL (and SIG) discussions, I want to talk about in package documentation with folks (the information (rpm -qi), and /usr/share/doc/ and friends). Maybe I can help the package review by editing package description sections. ;-D We'll be doing a Documentation Guide hack-up for a number of hours, but will cut away for these."


  • webcam might be fun. dgilmore might bring one
  • there are a lot of core contributors that are listed as participating on FUDCon. I asked a lot of them if they are around for the hackfest, but did not get answers from all of them. We might need some space for probably 5 to 10 of them, just in case.

Details on reviewing

We need to rush a bit trough the whole reviewing game, but we nevertheless should do proper reviews. Proposed middle ground:

  • if a particular issue is unclear, needs further discussions or can't be fixed quickly -> file a bug (one per issue!), block bug NOTFILLEDYET (for tacking), but approve the package otherwise if there are not big problems
  • for minor issues lets use "please fix stuff blah and blah, if you fixed those, consider package approved"-style

Review Request must be filed before the hackfest! Also file bugs for Extras package if those need a re-review! Warren will send out a detailed plan how to do the mass review to the list soon! All the details (reviewing flow, sponsership) need to be solved before the hackfest so we can concentrate on reviewing!