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If you have previously published a book or article in the "Draft Documentation" section on (as described at Publishing draft documentation using Publican) make the following changes before you publish a version for a particular Fedora release:

Remove the book from the website

Be sure to remove the book from the website before you alter the Book_Info.xml or publican.cfg files.

Follow the instructions in Publishing a document with Publican to remove the draft book from the website. If the book was published in more than one language, be sure to remove it in all the languages in which is was published.

Book_Info.xml (or Article_Info.xml)

  • Change the <productname> tag to Fedora
  • Add the Fedora release for which this document is to be published to the <productnumber> tag.

For example, the relevant lines should now look like this:

  • Check the <edition> tag and remove any Fedora release number contained there. The first edition of the book for any release of Fedora will be edition 1.0.

Therefore, if the <edition> tag contains something like:


change it to:


Publican.cfg file

  • Delete any lines containing the parameters version or web_version_label from the book or article's publican.cfg file.

A typical publican.cfg file looks like:

# Config::Simple 4.59
# Thu Dec  3 08:57:41 2009

xml_lang: en-US
type: Book
brand: fedora

Be sure that you understand (and require) the effect of any other parameters specified in this file.

If you do not remove the version and web_version_label parameters from the publican.cfg file, you will damage the site navigation menu the next time anyone publishes this book.


  • For example: Installation_Guide.xml
  • Change <book status="draft"> to <book>

This will remove the red DRAFT watermark from the document.

Republish the book

Run a publican clean command to remove the draft contents from the Publish folder before running the publican build command to publish the final version. This command will empty your temp and publish folders with any draft contents.

Check your changes back into the document's repo.

Follow the instructions in Publishing a document with Publican to upload the new version of the book.