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No virtual testing or USB stick testing
Virtual machine testing is not sufficient for this test when doing QA:Installation_validation_testing, nor is it acceptable to write the image to a USB stick rather than an optical disc. Part of the purpose of this test is to ensure booting from physical optical media works correctly. There are other test cases in the installation validation test plan which cover USB media and virtual machines.


This tests booting a Fedora live image - which contains a live system environment - written to an optical disc.


  1. Download the live image you wish to test, and write it to a CD or DVD
  2. Check your system boot order preferences to ensure that the optical drive boot target is enabled

How to test

  1. Insert the disc into the drive, and boot the system under test, ensuring it boots from the disc

Expected Results

  1. Graphical boot menu is displayed for users to select install options. Navigating the menu and selecting entries must work. If no option is selected, the live environment should load after a reasonable timeout
  2. The boot menu system should correctly attempt to load the live environment, with correct kernel parameters. Failure of the live environment to start up properly later in the process would likely constitute a violation of one of the Category:Base_Acceptance_Test_Cases or Category:Desktop_Acceptance_Test_Cases rather than this test case