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Armel Kermorvant

Personal Informations

  • 49 years old - Married - 3 kids
  • I live in Angers (France) now, before in Nijmegen (Holland) during 4 years.
  • I start on linux in 1997 with Redhat 4.2 (Baltimor)

Professional Informations

Training manager IT Engineering ESAIP, École Supérieure Angevine en Informatique et Productique Head of Computer Engineering department

  • - Management of a IT lecturers team

Pedagogical Engineering

  • - Students follow-up and selection recruitments (Projects, Internships, jurys, etc.)

Fedora Project

Professional :

Main skills lectured for Engineers and Masters :

  • Virtualization : XEN, KVM, ESXi, Promox VE
  • Equipments Supervision : Nagios, Shinken, Centreon
  • Linux level 1 : Linux installation, configuration and commands
  • Linux level 2 : Network configuration, DHCP, DNS, LDAP, Apache, FTP, SSH, Routing, Security, Bash Scripting, ...
  • Deployement : OCS Inventory NG, FusionInventory, GLPI

Personal :

  • I'm the President of Fedora French Speaking Association
  • I'm Fedora Mentor, I support the Ambassador team and I support the Hardware questions
  • I'm Fedora Ambassador, I help, promote, support Fedora during the Install Party, meeting with end users and large accounts.