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Arturo Fernandez

Arturo Fernandez is a software architect, developer, speaker, free/open software enthusiast and technical writer specialized in Open Source and Free Software with proven experience in design, development, testing and deploying web applications for SME's and big companies.

His professional experience includes positions such as software engineer, consultant, sysadmin and project mananager working for companies such as Enagas, Credit Suisse Spain, Andago, AOL Spain and Twinsoft/Compaq. He is specialized in Web 2.0 projects. Currently he works for Unidad Editorial contributing to big projects such as El Mundo, Marca and Expansion.

Arturo uses GNU/Linux since 1997, his first distro was Red Hat 4. Currently he uses CentOS and Debian GNU/Linux for servers and Fedora for desktops and workstations.

In 2008 he worked at Universidad de Jaen as associate professor in the Department of Electronic Engineering and Automatic.

Arturo writes technical articles for magazines such as Todo Linux, Free Software Magazine, Linux+DVD, Mundo Linux, Rails Magazine and Linux Magazine since 2001.

My last published books are:


  • Email: arturofernandez @, arturofernandezm @
  • IRC: #fedora-ambassadors
  • GPG key: 29DA12CB
  • Fedora Account: arturofernandez


First goals

  • To prepare a workshop/talk about Fedora to Open Source World Conference. This event will be in Malaga (Spain) on October 27-29th. I'm thinking in two different ideas for sending to call for papers. One of them is a workshop about how to install and how to use Fedora for desktop. Other is a keynote about Fedora Project beyond the distro.

Planning activities within Fedora

I'd like to become an Fedora Ambassador spreading knowledge about this fantastic distro. Usually a lot of people as friends and customers asking me about what distro is best for them. In my opinion Fedora is one of the best distros for PC and workstations and it's great for beginners.

I can contact to different universities in Andalucia (Spain) to organize workshops and conferences about Fedora. I worked as teacher in Universidad de Jaén (Andalucia, Spain) so this issue is easy for me.

I translated to es-ES a marketing flyer of Fedora Project and distro.