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Introducing Bart De Soete

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Introducing myself

About him

  • Name: Bart De Soete
  • Fedora Account: badeso
  • Lives in: Belgium - Louvain (Western-Europe)
  • Works in: Belgium - Brussels
  • His job:
    • 1) Working as an outsourced consultant for First-IT(Mechelen, Belgium). Current activity: System engineering at AUDI Brussels.
    • 2) He manages De Soete Consulting, which he founded in 2008. De Soete Consulting is a business consulting company, specialised in IT- and webservices, e-marketing, business advice and service platforms for insurance brokers.
  • Past jobs: he managed IT for several organizations, for several years.
    • He worked for 4 years as a Facility Manager at FeliXart Museum,(Brussels, Belgium) a museum for modern art in combination with ecology where they try to bring art to life with new technologies.
    • For the past 6 years he managed IT in several non-profit organizations, which soms of them: (re)drawing IT-architecture, introducing domains, etc.

His relation to Fedora

  • Since 10 years he is fascinated by the evolution of IT, and after 5 years testing and "playing" with different Linux-distro's, he became very interested in Fedora.
  • I try to contribute to the Fedora Project by spreading the word about Fedora to young people who aren't familiar with Fedora or even with Linux at all. I also try to translate on regulary base and participate in the Fedora Localization Project.
  • My main goal is to migrate as many as possible organizations (mostly non-profits)from MS-enviroments to Fedora or Linux in general. In that process, I try to find solutions for indvidual requirements and OpenSource-alternatives instead of paying closed licenses. Organizations with low budget (especially non-profits) can save millions by just following the OpenSource-philosophy. However, for professional use, I admit also use MS- or other Windows-based software, but only because I have to for my work.

I participate in the following Fedora's projects:


You can contact me by email in Dutch (Nederlands) and English:

  • Email: [[MailTo(Bart DOT De DOT Soete AT fedoraproject DOT org)]
  • IRC Nick:BaDeSo Hang out in #fedora
  • GPG ID: 94C3B820
  • Fingerprint: ABAF 4B1B 39A5 ADD9 D834 A021 7D72 B2FF 94C3 B820
"Linux, less expensive, more effective"