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Bill McGonigle

Hi, all,

I run a small New Hampshire-based consulting company that helps medium-sized businesses and venture-funded startups use Free software effectively. I also founded the local LUG in 2004, which I still run since nobody else seems to want the job. In my spare time I'm the founder of Iliad Devices, which may or may not be building a hardware device based on Fedrora. Those are things I do when I'm not with my lovely wife and kids.

I've been a Redhat user since I got it on some InfoMagic CD's in 1994, when I switched over from Slackware. I've used Fedora since FC1, and have a server in my office that has been yum-upgraded since Redhat 9. On Fedora, I mostly report bugs, sometimes do patches, and ask strange questions on the mailing list.

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