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Josef Radinger
[[Image:|thumb|center|Josef Radinger]]
Personal Information
Fedora-specific Information
FAS-Name: cheese
Miscellaneous Information
private Mail:
GPG-Key: 20B78F4CE3796911
IRC: cheese on Freenode in
Badges (70)
Embryo Tadpole with Legs If you build it... (Koji Success I) Egg Bona Fide Involvement Is this thing on? (Updates-Testing I) Tadpole Like a Rock (Updates-Stable I) In Search of the Bull (Tester I) What goes up... (Koji Failure I) You can call me "Patches" (SCM I) Helping Hand Froglet Junior Tagger (Tagger I) Junior Badger (Badger I) Take this and call me in the morning Crypto Badger Mugshot If you build it... (Koji Success II) What goes up... (Koji Failure II) Override, you say? You can call me "Patches" (SCM II) Baby Badger Junior Editor Is this thing on? (Updates-Testing II) What goes around comes around (Karma I) Associate Badger (Badger 1.5) What goes up... (Koji Failure III) You can call me "Patches" (SCM III) If you build it... (Koji Success III) What goes around comes around (Karma II) Adult Frog Don't Call it a Comeback Riddle Me This Let Me Introduce Myself Paranoid Panda White Rabbit Origin Speak Up! Corporate Drone Parselmouth I Like a Rock (Updates-Stable II) Telegraphist (Upstream Release Monitoring I) Binary Star Discovery of the Footprints (Tester II) You can call me "Patches" (SCM IV) Top 500 I Voted: Fedora 31 Long Life to Pagure (Pagure I) Associate Editor I Voted: Fedora 30 Long Life to Pagure (Pagure III) Perceiving the Bull (Tester III) Long Life to Pagure (Pagure II) Senior Badger (Badger II) White Hat If you build it... (Koji Success IV) Long Life to Pagure (Pagure VI) Long Life to Pagure (Pagure IV) Long Life to Pagure (Pagure V) I Voted: Fedora 32 Senior Editor Let's have a party (Fedora 30) What goes up... (Koji Failure IV) Lets have a party Fedora 37 Is this thing on? (Updates-Testing III) Patches (SCM V) Like a Rock (Updates-Stable III) Lets have a party Fedora 35

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Packages outside of Fedora

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Others things

linux bash pike packaging what shalls